12 January 2010

Blood Donations Help Save Lives

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
This morning I had been searching blood donations for my mother's kidney surgery tomorrow. We received surprising news that there might be a lack of blood stock and the family should get prepared to donate blood. Sadly, but true this is an almost common situation here in Indonesia after long holidays even in big hospitals. The problem was that you not only have to match the certain blood type, but also have to qualify certain conditions to be able to give blood.

Me and my sister have the exact same blood type as my mother, but it turned out that my own physical condition didn't allow me to donate blood whereas my sister was on her monthly cycle. So we had to search through other family members. No one near had the perfect match. The ones who did were still under the age of 17.

We finally found three donations from two of my parent's employees and a friend of my sister. I will remember these wonderful persons with gratitude for the rest of my life. My gratitude also goes to all family and friends who responded quickly to our cry for help. The reason I write this post is that today I experienced by myself blood donations help save lives. Please, take your time if you are qualified. I know that someone in need out there will be grateful to you for life.

blood donations help save lives

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Anonymous said...

The blood bank comes to our work so we can donate there. People tend to forget what a good cause this is and how needed blood is until they have to go through something like this. Thanks for sharing. Hope mom is going to do well. I know she will :) xoxoxox

Susan at Stony River said...

Great post! I hope your mother's spirits are up and she's doing well. Bravo to the friends who came through!

I don't think that people realise that few people take the time to donate blood -- and that among those few, very often they can't for some reason. I was a regular donor for years until a series of surgeries the past few years meant I couldn't donate during that time. My husband can never donate here because he lived in the UK during the mad cow outbreaks.

We need everybody!

The Hi-Brazilian Blogger said...

Thank you, Rosidah, for your best wishes! I wish the same, plus a new cycle of abundant creativity, joyful love and peaceful happiness!!!


Lee said...

Hello Rosidah, here's wishing your mom have a speedy recovery. Glad you found the right blood type.
My very best regards to you, your mom and all at home.

Unknown said...

Hope your mum's condition is getting better. So glad some friends have responded to the call for help. All the very best!

Teena in Toronto said...

I hope your mom's okay.

Amanda Moore said...

Sweetie what trauma for you and your family, Blood.... no blood, I am so glad you found some donors. I think of you everyday I want you to know we all love you!

��Radio Mihalis Thalassis - Athens Greece said...

I wish you courage, faith and everything will go well

RA said...

@All: Bless you. Thanks for the wonderful encouragements.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rosidah, I had you on my mind this morning and wonder if you have the time to give us an update on how things are with your Mom? My prayers are with you both.