12 October 2010

Neri Per Caso: Quello Che Vuoi #MM

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm sorry for my late post (again), but yesterday afternoon I got sudden cramp attacks on both of my hands and legs due to a decrease in my electrolyte levels. No worries, I'm feeling much better now. Still a little bit numb on my fingers, but it's okay.

I can't quite remember why I came on the song Quello Che Vuoi performed by Neri Per Caso. Neri Per Caso is an Italian a cappella group from Salerno, which made its debut in 1995.  The song Quello Che Vuoi that can be translated into What You Want is a single released in 1998. I have been searching the Web for a translation of the entire song without any success. According to the interpretation of Google Translate, I think that it is basically about a person asking the lover not to get lost in people's high fantasies. By accepting the heart as it is, it will be able to give more and make out the best of it. Something like that, I guess. But, I'm not sure. Anyway, I love the sound of this song and back then it was a big hit here. I hope you'll enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.   

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Keep a song in your heart.

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Amanda Moore said...

Wonderful Rosidah what a treat you always pick the best tunes to start my day off!
xoxoxoxox and extra hugs!