30 May 2011

Anniversary | Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Monday, May 30, 2011

Anniversary HaikuThanks to Jenn for this week's theme


I found you, my friend.
Let our souls bond destiny.
Forever be one.


Congrats on the 100th week of haiku!
Your meme is a pleasant inspiration.

I can't remember since when I found the passion about haiku. But, I definitely remember that this meme has got me hooked on it and therefore receives a special place in my heart. I love the themes that most of the time seem to fit perfectly with my current moods and situations. Thank you for giving me a time to muse and empathize, Jenn.

I would like to dedicate this Anniversary haiku not only to Jenn's lovely event, but also to all my friends. The ultimate companions who give me courage and joy through life. I feel so blessed to have found you. May  our bonds grow even stronger in time. Bless you.

The meme basics:

Haiku is simple!
It is 3 non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively
(a great way to use your fingers!)

I don't create poetry, I create myself,
for me my poems are a way to me.

~Edith Södergran

Keep a poem in your heart.

3 appreciated note(s):

Inday said...

My dear Rosidah,

I'm here to ask approval
of your sweet kindness

that I'll be allowed
to use George Elliston's quote
as my blog ending

of A Journey Home
for my coming trip back home
my first homecoming

in twenty three years
that will quench my homesickness
Oh, how I miss home.

Thanks Rosidah. I know I can count on you. With my pleading heart.
Your lonely friend, Leah.

Anonymous said...

Love it my friend. Excellent work. I hope you are well. :) xoxoxox

Unknown said...

Hi Rosidah, missed you. Hope you're keeping well. To celebrate an anniversary is a joyous occasion.