21 October 2011

Debonnaire Definition & Haiku

Friday, October 21, 2011

Debonnaire Definition and HaikuThanks Jenn for this haiku theme


No worries in mind.
Little beings teach you bliss.
Blow bubbles of joy.


I love to learn something new, and with this haiku I went to find out more on the debonnaire definition. It turns out that the word was derived from the Anglo French language de bon aire, which means of good family or nature. So the debonnaire definition can be related to a carefree, cheerful, lighthearted, lively and self confident attitude. To my opinion, it's an attitude best found in the soul of pure and innocent kids.

There are times where I'm feeling like a prisoner of my own fears. It's distracting and puts your life on a hold.   Because you're busy building up a mind game of things that are actually not even sure to happen in the future.  Things that are not set in stone yet. Frozen to this point is really not a nice state to be. It's my kids who bring me back to earth most of the times. Looking at their smiles and sparkling eyes, the cheerful laughter... Who wouldn't feel some bliss and serenity, thus join into their bubbles of joy? Getting a grip on debonnaire.

The meme basics:

Haiku is simple!
It is 3 non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively
(a great way to use your fingers!)

I don't create poetry, I create myself,
for me my poems are a way to me.

~Edith Södergran

Keep a poem in your heart.

8 appreciated note(s):

vivinfrance said...

Honest debonair rather than the smoothie kind. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful my friend. Very well done :)

Blackswan said...

It's good to have u back, my dear friend! Happy blogging & looking fwd to more sharing :)

anthonynorth said...

An excellent last line to your haiku.

Nanka said...

Has to be a French word but construed differently in the different regions of the world I suppose!! The further away the word travels it becomes ambiguous, and open to more than one interpretations I suppose.
You have done a splendid job!

Unknown said...

Bring on the laughter and smiles of kids - a balm or just excellent company for any day.
Good day to you, Rosidah.

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Don't you love it when I add a learning opportunity to our haiku? haha! I think this week's theme scared a few people off this time ;)

Nicely done!!

Anya said...

Hi Rosidah
Very well written
have a wonderful day

Lots of love from us all