03 December 2015

How to Change Twitter Trending Topics

Thursday, December 03, 2015
Hubby has called in sick today, because of a stomachache. And, having nothing to do he was fumbling on his mobile trying to find out about the Twitter trending topics. 

That's how we found out that Twitter now is providing tailored trending topics according to everyone's own preference, like who you follow and location. So, not like before my trending topics differ from the ones on my daughter's and husband's list.

Well, how do you change those personal tailored trending topics into trending topics on specific locations? Unfortunately, you can't change this trending on your mobile phone. But, you can arrange your settings in desktop mode.

Under your profile picture on home page in desktop mode, find Trends Change like shown by the red arrow in the image below. 

This will lead you to a window display saying Trends tailored just for you

When you choose Change it will give you several options to pick a new location. 

Okay, Done.

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