15 February 2010

Most Important Lesson | Microfiction Monday #18

Monday, February 15, 2010
Most Important Lesson | Pirate Ship"Jump! The ship's sinking. What's holding you up, Pirate?"
"I have to confess, Captain. I skipped those dreadful swimming lessons!"

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Thanks, Susan

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22 appreciated note(s):

Susan at Stony River said...

I laughed out loud - I LOVE it, because I used to skip swimming lessons at school! I was terrified of water, but oh no never thought of being on a sinking ship.

Happy Monday Rosidah!

Peggy said...

Arr Matey!

That would keep me in the boat!
Good one>

quilly said...

LOL! A pirate who can't swim! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your entire family and Gung Hei Fat Choy!
I hope all is still going well my friend. :)

ROFLMAO! This story is just too funny. I love it and so appropriate for the picture. Well done :) xoxoxo

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I love it! Good one for the day!!


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Nice one Rosidah, I hope things are going well with you.

JonJon Rosaleen said...

Hahahah.. What a perfect post to make me smile on this beautiful Monday. :)
Hope you'll have a lovely day!!

Unknown said...

Wow, awesome!

Mine is at



Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Children love pirates, I don't understand.

last year, my school did a production on pirates, and the love it.

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful photo! I love the pirate against the blue blue sky.

John (@bookdreamer) said...

glugg, glugg...

SouthLakesMom said...

Clever -- and true. Most sailors in the sailing days could NOT swim -- but because they chose to not 'linger'. They knew there would be no Coast Guard looking for them!

wenn said...

oh dear, i can't swim!

Barbara H. said...

LOL! This is great -- the tilt of the picture does make it look like it is sinking! And when one skips lessons one runs into trouble!

Great work!

Martha said...

Argh that's cute! :-)

Nessa said...

Oh, dear, not a good thing when the boat's going down. Very clever.


Larry said...

Nice blog and I love your Microfiction also hope to see you at "This Blog Of Mine"

Caribbean Pirates

Thanks for your comments I appreciate all of them.

juliana said...

bwahahahaha... black humour at its best!

hope said...

That's funny! And exactly how I felt when I had to learn how to swim...drowning would be easier. :0

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Cute, Rosidah...Sounds perfect when looking at that picture. It does look like it could be a boat!!!!! Cute!!!

Carletta said...

I don't do this meme but I've seen a few the past couple of days and I think you nailed it!
Love it!

Thanks for coming by and leaving me birthday wishes. I'm touched by your thoughtfulness. :)

The Skald said...

ROFL - and that was an all too common predicament of many sailors during the 16-1800's!! Great little story :D