30 April 2010

Prom Memories

Friday, April 30, 2010
This is the first time I join Flashback Friday. It is a moment to take a look back and share a specific time or event in our lives. Thanks to Linda for hosting this meme. This week she says:

Share your prom memories. Did your school have a junior prom or just a senior prom? What did you wear? Was there a party after the prom? Did you go with a date or with friends, and if it was a date, was it a one-time date or a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario? Did you go to more than one prom (like, being someone's date at another school or year.) Where was your senior prom held? Any particular songs come to mind when you think of prom? As always, pictures are great!

[...] if you live elsewhere and had some other traditional event in your high school, feel free to share and link your memories!

Indonesia belongs to one of the countries that didn't have a prom tradition back in my high school days. Only recently it has also become popular to celebrate proms in a few big cities. But, it is still more common to go on farewell trips into nature or other recreation spots.

The most comfortable outfits to wear on occasions like these were a t-shirt/shirt or a combination of both, plus jeans and sneakers. Just bring along a bag for your Walkman, some snacks, a gift exchange and you were set to go.

My high school went to the Cibodas Botanical Garden also known as Kebon Raya Cibodas, which is located at the slopes of Mount Gede, Pangrango, West Java. Each class was giving a special performance for this event. Too bad that I don't have many photos of the trip and the beautiful scenery at Cibodas. But, I found a photo featuring one of the waterfalls in my husband's photo archives. We were actually high school friends but didn't know at that time that we would end up as soulmates after finishing college. He and his friends were walking to the waterfalls, while I and my friends preferred to stroll around in the lower areas and finally made ourselves comfortable on one of the large grass fields at our given free time. In those days, spending your time with a group of high school friends was more usual than dating in pairs. I remember that we had great fun and really enjoyed the moments before many of us would part to different colleges in different cities. But I just can't think of a particular song we listened to.

Cibodas Waterfall

Prom Memories | Flashback Friday #8

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19 appreciated note(s):

Mocha with Linda said...

I'm so glad you joined in today! What fun to read about how you celebrated in Indonesia.

I love that you and your husband knew each other but had no idea you'd eventually marry.

Regina said...

Hello Rosidah.What a wonderful and fun way to celebrate prom.
Those were the days.


Nel said...

What fun to learn about the customs in other parts of the world. I think you guys had the right idea. That would be a lot of fun and take a lot of pressure off the kids. Thanks for joining in and sharing your memories, and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment by me. When I have time I will be back to look your blog over.

until next time... nel

Anonymous said...

What a great memory my friend. And that photo is just perfect for your story. :) How cool is that that you were friends and ended up marrying. Excellent. Have a wonderful Friday :)

Anya said...

Nice to know more about you Rosidah

Have a wonderful sunday
Enjoy !!


Barbara H. said...

I enjoyed reading about your trip! It's fun to see how things are done in other countries.

We encouraged our boys to interact in groups rather than pairing off, too, Thankfully, that was the philosophy in their youth group as well.

Joyce said...

We've been living in the UK for a few years and my own kids went to an International School. The prom is definitely an American tradition but the kids enjoyed sharing in that tradition...lots of the kids wore the traditional dress of their own country which was wonderful to see.

Thanks for visiting today!

quilly said...

A class outing sounds like a wonderful end of school celebration. Plenty of time to hang pout and chat with friends and worry about what comes next in life rather than who has the most expensive corsage and dress.

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

How neat Rosidah. I remember my senior prom well - it was dinner and a dance held in a big fancy hotel on the beach. We arrived by limo and spent the whole weekend at the hotel with a big group of friends :-)

Unknown said...

We had wonderful fun at outings too. Some schools now have proms and my children were part of them when they were in boarding.
Hope you're feeling better.

Jama said...

I never attended any proms too , don't have any during my time. Nowadays the kids not only have proms, they have overseas school trips too.

happily retired gal said...

What fun memories shared ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Waileng Tan said...

My schoolmates did organize a prom back in high school but I didn't show up. I guess I'm not the kind of girl who likes to dress up like Barbie just for fun. I prefer quite outings like yours. Maybe I'm just old fashion (^_^)

Have a great week my friend!

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day,my friend!
You look BEAUTIFUL, then and NOW!
You are such a wonderful friend and MOTHER!
May this Mother's Day be one of the best with more to come in years!

Blackswan said...

Wonderful post! Happy belated Mother's Day, Rosidah!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Wonderful post Rosidah, what a wonderful way to finish school. It reminded me of when we were in school and at the end of School Term, we all would go on a School Trip somewhere.

Lydia said...

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chris federick said...

i've never experienced prom b4 :(

tattytiara said...

I didn't graduate so no prom, but given the choice I'd be torn between getting all dolled up or a day in nature - both sound like fun!