31 March 2011

Earth Hour | The Muffed Target 20

Thursday, March 31, 2011

We participated for the 3rd time on Earth Hour this year, and like always there were many great shots for the Muffed Target as a result of no lights for one hour in an event to raise awareness about environmental and global warning issues. I hope that we will be able to dedicate more than one hour to care for mother earth in our daily life.

LOL about all the blurred photos. Night photography is a very tricky subject to me. The use of flash usually results in too bright photos, while the light of a candle doesn't quite help much. I have been laughing myself off to try focus with my camera, when I could barely see through the viewfinder eyepiece. So, where was the supposed object now?

Can you mention two items in the following photo? I don't have eagle eyes, but may be you are able to notice something.

Here is a brighter version of the same shot slightly edited with Photoshop. Can you see the elementary school mid semester schedule taped to the wall? The shadow of my son waving a flashlight to tease his sister? How about the toes of my husband laying on the bed? Happy searching.

Submitted to Thom's Muffed Target taken over from
Gattina @gattina-keyholepictures.blogspot.com. 
Thanks for hosting, my friend.

2 appreciated note(s):

Anonymous said...

Rosidah my dear sweet friend I love this. I too have a hell of a time with night shots even with a flash. You describe the whole situation perfectly. I see like a dragon or some kind of stuffed animal and I do see the schedule and the toes. There always looks like some face right behind the stuffed animal. This is excellent. Mahalo my friend for playing :) x0x0x0x

quilly said...

I see the schedule. I suppose I see the flashlight, too. What kind of camera do you have? I might have some night photography pointers. The first one is always -- use a tripod!