24 March 2011

In Focus | Muffed Target 19

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It seems like ages, since the last time I participated in a photo meme. It feels good to join some fun again. Last night, I actually had another shot in mind. But when I took a batch of shots this morning, the following photo appeared to be a perfect fit in contrast to Thom's submitted 'tree' photo this week. I say both of us gotta learn more how to get in focus, even though mother nature can be hard to beat. LOL

Mr. Hubby had bought me a telephoto zoom lens for my Canon on my birthday, and I had almost no chance to try it out in the hectic circumstances we have been going through these weeks. Therefore it was a nice change to ease my mind, when I went on a little photo hunt around the house.

I saw the man on his bike approaching my position, so I stood in anticipation toward the street to wait for a right moment. But, I totally forgot that I was standing under our Indonesian cherry tree. The naughty wind decided to play with me and began to blow at the same time I triggered my camera button. Getting leaves of a branch right in front of the man's features as result. I definitely would prefer to have less of the tree in focus, while Thom wanted to have more tree in his focus. Well, there you have our contrast.
 Submitted to Thom's Muffed Target taken over from
Gattina @gattina-keyholepictures.blogspot.com. 
Thanks for hosting, my friend.

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Amanda Moore said...

Ah Ha! Too much foreground boy have I done that before! Next time just zoom in closer and you have that leaf out of you focal range! Sooo god to see you posting!

Anonymous said...

OMG what a contrast this is. I tell ya we do need to learn to focus better. I love how your tree is prominent and mine isn't because of that dang road in mine. This is just wonderful. :) Mahalo my friend for playing along. Much appreciated. :) xoxoxox

tilden talks... said...

I thought I was alone this week! You are right,it would have been a great shot aside from the leaves... by the way what is the man on the bike carrying?

RA said...

@All: Thanks for the comments. xoxoxoxoxo
@Tilden: They are called kerupuk in Indonesia. A special kind of crackers usually made of fish or shrimps :)