17 November 2011

Can't Upload Photos with Facebook Photo Uploader

Thursday, November 17, 2011
Here is a tip, if the new Facebook photo uploader gives you a hard time. I'll share my experiences to solve this problem with you. But first, let me release a little dissatisfaction from my chest. It refuses to upload my photos like the previous simple uploader. Arrgh!

Well, I shouldn't complain for something that is free, should I? But innovation only feels good, if it gets better. LOL

I guess we need to give this new Facebook photo uploader innovation more time to improve. In the meantime, I hope this post will help.

If you have the same problem with me, this is what you do when the photo uploader starts to act up. Just log out of your Facebook account and log in again to upload your photos. It usually solves the problem. But if not, you gotta restart your computer.

This solution works for me, tough takes some extra time than the usual. I searched for some answers on the web and it seems like there is still some unfixed bug, when you upload photos with software modification. Even of the slightest kind like in mine.

I love natural, unedited photos. But I always resize my photos, before I upload them to Facebook. Sometimes they also need light corrections. If I'm in the mood for frames, I add it to them as variation or accents. So, I really can't avoid using softwares like Photoshop. I hope that the Facebook team can solve this bug soon.

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Anonymous said...

Mahalo for the tip. I don't upload many photos to FB but this is good info to know and I'm totally lazy...I never adjust them LOL Ya get what I give LOL. Mahalo my friend for the tip. :) xoxoxo

Anya said...

We want to wish you and yours
enjoy New Years Eve with your family

Hugs from your Dutch friends :)