19 September 2013

An Error Occurred while Trying to Save or Publish your Post

Thursday, September 19, 2013
Error Publish-Save Post

Since yesterday afternoon, I started to get this annoying messages, while working on my posts:
An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Ignore warning.

I tried to ignore the warning without success and then began to try save my post instead... Also, without any success. 

Then I thought it would be good to sign out of my account and sign in again. But, nope... That wasn't the answer either. As matter of fact, I noticed that there were 40 drafts of the post in my dashboard. A number that I assume is related to the frequency I attempted to save the post.

I tried to publish the post again, seemingly without results... So, I googled for answers and tried to clear browsing data as suggested. Still, no good at all.

The right fix that finally worked for me was going back to my blog's dashboard home after pushing the publish button anyway. Then, I hovered the cursor on my blog name at the top right corner of edit page and accessed it.

Turns out that my post was published all along without me knowing, because this bug prevented my edit page to go back onto my blog's posts dashboard like the usual.

Hopefully you can also fix this error the same way. Well, it's actually not a fix. But, certainly can be defined as a solution. At least for me. 

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~Stephen F. Gaskin
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faizalnizam said...

Blogger platform sometimes gives us problem. But normally such problem can always be fixed.

I used to encounter such problem. It was very disappointing. So I just decided to log out. And log in later on, and update my blog. The problem was gone :)