11 January 2015

Simple Frozen Shoulder Exercises & Treatment To Do Yourself

Sunday, January 11, 2015
My husband has been going through some great pain at his upper right back and shoulder, which has been said as symptom of a frozen shoulder that among other reasons can also be related to diabetic patients like him. The pain resulting from this symptom has made it stiff and difficult to move the shoulder in a normal way. So, that it has become a very uncomfortable situation and even with taking painkillers and neuralgia medication for almost a month now, nothing has quite worked out well.

He has been told that physical therapy or exercises are actually the main means to overcome the pain and stiffness of a frozen shoulder, whereas medicine is considered as additional help. Since then, he has began some halfheartedly stretching which not unsurprisingly didn't work out as much as hoped.

This made me remember the time, I had been struggling with a bone fracture that caused my leg to be immobile for a half year. During that time, I also began with halfheartedly physiotherapy, but finally came on some self-exercise videos on Youtube that turned out to be a great help in my recovery. From not being able to bend my leg, I know can walk normal again. Of course, this doesn't mean in any way that I encourage you to avoid doctors or medicine. I'm just saying that sometimes these self-exercises can truly be a great help, besides medication.

So, I decided to look for particular simple frozen shoulder exercises and treatment that could be done by my husband himself. It lead me to the following 5 videos series by Gary Crowley that gratefully showed some good results after only one try by him. I am optimist that it might lead to more improvement, if being carried out on a daily routine.

If you are suffering from a frozen shoulder as well, you might want to try these simple frozen shoulder exercises and treatment to do yourself. Here, you can check out the first video of this series. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery.

2 appreciated note(s):

Small Kucing said...

Thanks for the tips. these looks less painful that the Chinese Tradisional Guasar treatment method.

Over here if I have a stiff shoulder i would go for Guasar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gua_sha). Looks horrible in the pic but felt great after that.

Anyway ...will try out your method. Thanks again

RA said...

Hi, wishing you a speedy recovery. I hope this will work out for you as it did for my husband. He was able to relieve a lot of pain due to these exercises and can move his arm more freely these days. Thanks for sharing another method. Being in great pain like that, one tends to try any method that works out the best. Happy week :)