27 February 2015

Ease The Pain After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Friday, February 27, 2015
My husband just went through a wisdom teeth removal (odontectomy) yesterday morning, and he was going through a hard time dealing with the pain after the anesthetic effects began to fade away. 

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After almost a whole day struggling to bear the pain, he suddenly began to have cold sweat and feeling dizzy at night, even though he had been taking all the medications given. I panicked when I saw him slumping down the bed, like almost fainting. So, I immediately called my mother who had some medical background as a nurse. She asked, if he had been eating well and I told her that only a little food went down his stomach to consume the medication because he didn't feel like eating with all the pain in his mouth.

It turned out that this was actually the problem. She told me to prepare some sweets like tea, bread, porridge, potatoes or anything else of the kind to increase my husband's blood sugar levels. You may believe it or not, after forcing himself to eat he could actually lift up his body from the bed. The cold sweet and dizziness went away, and his previously pale face got color again. I was so relieved seeing this. So, whatever pain you are feeling after your teeth removal you shouldn't neglect to eat properly. It will regain your strength. Besides, the little movements of the mouth seemed also to loosen up the stiff muscles and nerves around the painful area. Refusing to make any movements at all because of feeling the pain might only add up to it in the long run.

Another tip that I can give you is on the position you are sleeping. Use some pillows or bolsters to heighten up your upper body. It will help your blood to flow down. Sleeping in the usual position might give you more pain because of the blood circulation giving more pressure on the painful teeth area.

Hopefully these little tips can help you to relief some of the pain after the wisdom teeth removal. But in no way are these replacements for real medical consultations. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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