09 March 2015

Automatically Translate Twitter without Other Applications

Monday, March 09, 2015
Did you know that you don't need any other application to translate your favorite celebrity Tweets on Twitter?

If you are following foreign celebrities on Twitter like me and don't understand their language, you definitely would love to be able to understand their Tweets. So, I was searching the Internet and my mobile phone store the other day to look for good applications that could suit my purpose. But, guess what I found out? Turns out that you don't even need a special application at all to get those translations on any of your gadgets. Because, Twitter has provided us again with bing translations which as far as I knew had been previously cancelled. 

So, what do you have to do? Just click the Tweet and you will see a globe icon in the left bottom corner of the Tweet followed by the phrase "View translation". Click it, and you'll be given a rough translation of the sentence provided by bing translation.

Like this Tweet below that informs us about CN Blue's Lee Jong Hyun joining the cast of an upcoming new KBS Korean drama called Orange Marmalade. (He will be starring alongside Yeo Jin Goo, just in case you are a big drama fan like me who wants to know.)  

automatically translate twitter without other application
View bing translation on Twitter

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Small Kucing said...

i didnt know got such thing LOL.Thanks for info