23 January 2009

Add Label Clouds To Blogger

Friday, January 23, 2009
Note: I am no longer using this code, because now you can choose this widget from Layout --> Page Elements --> Add A Gadget on Blogger.com

My friend Alex has published another great info on Banana Talk 0.2. Just go to his post about Label Cloud and follow his instructions, after you made sure that you already have added the label widget.
You can use the browser edit menu to quickly find b:widget id='Label1', before you replace the existing label widget template with the second code part in Alex's post.

To modify the cloud font colors, you can apply codes from the 216 Web Safe RGB Color Chart . I have changed the maxColor variable to white = [255,255,255] and minColor variable to yellow = [255,255,204].

2 appreciated note(s):

Unknown said...

Thanks for this tip. I was looking long time on how to make this tag cloud as this more effecient and space saving widget.

RA said...

Happy trying :)! My friend Alex is a great inspiration to me. He has taught me most of my blogging basics. I'm very thankful for that.