14 January 2009

50 Free Blog Widgets plus My Intro

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
In music, the introduction or intro is a passage or section which opens a movement or a separate piece. Establishing melodic, harmonic and/or rhythmic material related to the main body of a piece. (Wikipedia)

Well, let me make my intro now...

I've been blogging since June 2008 on my personal Friendster Blog, Common Sense Ain't Common. Just talking up my senses without no concern about the posts look.

Not until September 2008 when I got the opportunity to try the new version of Friendster Blog 2.0 and met my dear friend Alex on the Forum Message Board. Since then he has giving me a lot of advices on blogging. You can see his blog Banana Talk 2.0 in my wonderful friendships section.

Three months have past from then and I have become a passionate blogger still trying to improve my skills. I am really amazed about people's
creativity. There's so much to learn... so much to do.

At the beginning of 2009, I read
Stan Schroeder's article about 50 Great Widgets for Your Blog and found out about some cool Javascript Widgets, like Feedjit, only supported for free by Blogger/Blogspot templates. This and some other circumstances made me finally decide to put the senses from my very first blog home at Friendster to some new tunes here.

Music has and always be an important part of our life's. It is an universal language bonding us each other. I believe that for better or worse, life is music...

...you just need to hear the harmony.

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5 appreciated note(s):

candlemamma said...

You have a terrific start. Best of luck to you.

RA said...

Thanks for your kind words and support. Best Wishes!

RA said...

I'm in the process of adding some link buttons to my inspiring first post commentators. It might take a while, so please forgive me if you are one of them but I haven't linked you yet. I went back to this first post here to find out who my first blog commentator on Music of My Life. I wanted to add a special button on my sidebar. What a lovely surprise that it turned out as Candlemamma, one of my Best Blogging Friends :)!

RA said...

Sorry typo. It should be [...] Music of My Life was. Btw, back then Candlemamma and I still didn't know each other like now.

Lille Diane said...

I am so happy to have found you. I know I have much to learn from you, and other bloggers. I'm fairly new to this, and will come often, and stay long, to visit with you. Thank you!