04 December 2009

Items that Give You Joy

Friday, December 04, 2009
FFF fall leaves 2
Thank you, Susanne!
It is time again for another Friday’s Fave Five hosted by Susanne at Living To Tell The Story. She says:
It's a place to come on Friday's and think back over your week and just post about 5 favorite things from your week. It can be anything that tickled your fancy over the week. Favorite quotes, posts, happenings, scriptures, recipes, pictures, great internet finds, etc., etc.
I really like the thought of thinking back over our weekly life. It is a good way to reflect and find these hidden gems of blessings.

It seems that I'm always far behind on blogging lately. The only post I got published this week was on Monday. LOL. But I'm glad that I have time to share my Friday’s Fave Five with you:

1. Another beautiful painting of the sky. It was a very refreshing view after long rainy days.

Morning Sky © 2009-now by Rosidah Abidin
2. We have been through lots and lots of rain this week. I'm so glad that all of my laundries got dry. I had to re-laundry some of the clothes because they gave away an unpleasant smell. Any tips for me?

3. I got out of focus on the road, after escorting my daughter to school. I feel so blessed that I became aware just a few inches before hitting into a car. I've got to be more careful. Anyone should be paying good attention.

4. My daughter's birthday. Click on the photo below to read the original post. Could you guess that this was my only post on Monday?

Birthday Collage © 2009-now by Rosidah Abidin

5. My friend's blessings are my blessings, too. There has been a lot of joy in and out of the Blogosphere. Congrats to all!

This is my 9-year-old daughter's list for this week:
1. A lot of birthday presents (of course!).
2. Changing her school bag almost every day, because she got a lot of cute bags.
3. Delicious food and drinks.
4. Playing with friends.
5. Writing stories on Mom's Netbook (I think she might be good at this.)

This is my 5-year-old son's list for this week:
1. A new Ben 10 wrist toy from Mom and Dad. (He got a little bit jealous of his sisters' presents, so he was allowed to choose a toy.)
2. New toys from his aunt (It turned out that afterward, he went on a visit to his aunt with Dad and got a bunch of new toys. How lucky is that!)
3. Playing with his new toys.
4. Playing with friends... and the toys.
5. Studying at the kindergarten (His sister told him that it must be a lie. He loves going to school, but definitely not to study. LOL)

I appreciate every visit and comment, but love even more to become good friends. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

27 appreciated note(s):

Jientje said...

How wonderful you include your son and your daughter's list as well!

Happy birthday to the birthday girl Rosidah, have a great weekend!

quilly said...

That is a gorgeous sky shot. And I so much enjoy reading your daughter's and son's favorite five, too. What a great way to teach thankfulness and attention to blessings.

Anonymous said...

I"m so glad you paid attention :) I love that photo my friend. Just awesome. And the kids list are fantastic :) I hope your daughters birthday was wonderful. I can still hear the video of My Girl playing :) Have a wonderful weekend my friend :) xoxoxox

palmtreefanatic said...

Hi Rosidah! Thanks for stopping by!
What a wonderful list!
I think it is so awesome that you included your kids lists as well!
Happy Birthday to your daughter! Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan said...

A great list! I love the fact that you include your kids too! That's a wonderful idea. I have been looking for a "Ben-10" toy all week! I am buying gifts for some of our needy kids at school and it's one one wish list. Since my kids are older, I had to look them up online...I've still had NO success, though.

Have a great weekend. Enjoyed my visit here.


Hazel said...

I have a cousin who loves to go to school but hates studying lol :-) She turned out ok. I rinse my laundry very well especially when the sun is hiding or I let the spinner do the job. Your daughter's got a cute birthday. Happy Friday.

Melli said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad that you took notice BEFORE you ran into the other car too! I guess we all have those mind wanderings from time to time - but so dangerous while driving!

I LOVE your kids lists of their favorites this week! Too cute!

And belated wishes to the Birthday girl!

wenn said...

happy birthday to yr girl..

Nessa said...

Your daughter is very beautiful.

Flash 55 - Love

Kari said...

How lovely to include your children's list. makes me wonder what my children would be thankful for.
I love that painting of the sky - gorgeous!
Happy weekend.

Susan at Stony River said...

Those are some wonderful blessings--I'm glad you didn't hit the car! But the best one has got to be the birthday, and the kids, definitely!

We have the same problem in Ireland, with wet laundry that never dries and has to be washed again. I hang mine on our radiators, and am just glad I *have* the radiators. I'm glad the rain stopped!

ellen b said...

That's really sweet that your children are making lists like these! That is a beautiful sky! Enjoy your weekend!!

Carrie said...

I love that you included your kid's lists as well for us to read. Thank you for that.

Love the first picture of the painted sky. Just beautiful!

Lisa notes... said...

Dry laundry. That's not something I think to give thanks for, but it is DEFINITELY a blessing. Thanks for the reminder!

Your daughter is beautiful.

XoXo said...

It is always fun to read your posts my friend, I would have loved to join this meme too but it just so happened I got lazy to write since I got into photoblogging, made me a person with few words now and my photos just speaks for itself. :) Have a fine weekend!

RA said...

@All: TY for the wonderful comments. I Hope everyone has a great weekend and a blessed week ahead :)
@Jientje: TY. Have a great weekend, too :)
@Quilly: I really hope so. TY :)
@Thom: I was very surprised when I realized how close I came. It was a wonderful birthday. My Girl is one of my favorite songs. Have a wonderful weekend, too. xoxoxo
@palmtreefanatic: Hi, I TY for stopping by too :). Thanks for the birthday wishes. Have a wonderful weekend, too.
@Susan: Hi! I hope you'll find the Ben 10 toys soon. How wonderful of you to think about the needy kids at school. We have a lot of these toys here in Indonesia. Have a great weekend, too :)
@Hazel: I guess my son is still on a good path then ;). Thanks for the tip. Have a wonderful weekend :)
@Melli: Very dangerous, indeed. I have to keep my focus. TY for the birthday wishes :)
@Wenn: TY. I hope you had a wonderful vacation :)
@Nessa: TY. She'll love the compliment :)
@Kari: TY. Happy weekend, too :)
@Susan: I'm glad, too. Ah, radiators! I wish I had them here. I'm going to look around for one ;).
@Ellen: TY. Enjoy your weekend, too :)
@Carrie: TY :)
@Lisa: TY. I feel very blessed when the laundry gets dry on cold days :)
@Pacey: I so agree on that, your beautiful photos speak a lot to me. Have a fine weekend, too :).

Lin said...

I like the idea of looking back and remember the 5 good things. I will try that next week. This has not been such a good week for me, nothing serious, just kind of blah! I need to focus on the happy times of life! We did have a nice birthday dinner with my daughter on Wednesday and she enjoyed her gifts. I am so thankful for her!
Have a great weekend, Rosidah!

Susanne said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Both her and your son's lists are awesome.

Love your sky picture. So beautiful!

You can try some baking soda in your laundry wash cycle. Also not letting in sit in the washer after it's done spinning helps out.

I think we've all experienced not focusing when driving. Thank God you noticed in time!

Willow said...

I'm so late getting around to visit everyone because I had jury duty today.

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Hari Ulang Tahun kesembilan!

I like it that you include your children in the fave five. It's a good habit to instill in them.

Have a great weekend!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a great week. Glad you got your laundry in before the rain and that you did not hit anyone on the road. I like your daughters list.

Jean said...

happy belatd bday to your gul.are those pylons in the pic?

A smile from SJ =)

Unknown said...

Take care on the road. Am glad you're fine and nothing happened.

We're having quite a bit of rain here too. Hope it will lessen.

Yeah, good to refect on happy times. makes us happier!!

RA said...

@Lin: I hope next week will be much more better for you :). Daughters are truly blessings. Have a great weekend, too.
@Susanne: TY for the birthday wish and tip on laundry :). Have a wonderful week.
@Willow: No worries. Wow, jury duty! I hope everything went well. You are so good at Bahasa Indonesia. Have a great weekend :).
@Brenda: Yes. I hope you'll have a wonderful week :)
@SJ: TY. I don't think those are pylons, but telecommunication or electricity masts. I love to see you back in the Blogosphere. Have a wonderful week :)

RA said...

@Keats: I will. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Vicky said...

Hi Rosidah, I love the painting of the sky and happy birthday to your beautiful girl. hv a great week.

Anya said...

I love your daughters and son list

Hi Rosidah all is okay with me
THANKS you are so sweet :-)
It was very stressing at home that was the reason I was not blogging
;) Thanks my dear friend !!

Have a nice sunday :-)

RA said...

@Vicky: Thanks for the birthday wishes. Have a great week, too :)
@Anya: I'm so relieved that everything is alright with you. Have a nice week :)