05 July 2010

Indonesian Patriotic Song: Tanah Airku

Monday, July 05, 2010

It's time for another Musical Monday. My friend Amanda is temporary hosting the meme for Diane@goodmourningglory who is taking a break. Special for this week she says:

Here in the U.S this week we are celebrating our 234th Birthday I believe, but no matter where you live post anything that stirs your patriotism for your homeland!

So, I have been searching for Indonesian National Songs on YouTube with English subtitles and this was the one and only song in the search result. Still, I found that it represented this week's patriotic theme very well. The song title is called Tanah Airku, which means My Homeland in English. This video includes beautiful images of Indonesia, capturing the beauty of its nature and our culture. I hope you'll enjoy and have a wonderful holiday.

Thanks to
Amanda & Diane
Keep a song in your heart.

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Amanda Moore said...

Rosidah what a beautiful video you found! And I thank you for finding a version with words so we can all follow along! By the way she has a lovely voice is she an entertainer of some kind?

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely country's Tanah AirKu song. I like the music and the melody of the song. I feel especially when one is far away from home, the stirrings for the homeland is felt even greater.

Anonymous said...

I love this and thank you for sharing something form your country. It is just beautiful and I'm so glad that there were subtitles. This is just beautiful my friend. :) Very well done. Have a wonderful week ahead :) xoxox

Maude Lynn said...


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Beautiful song Rosidah, Thank you for sharing.

Nessa said...

Thanks for finding that video. A beautiful land, indeed.