09 July 2010

Portrait of Words 30

Friday, July 09, 2010

Thanks to Thom

She looked up into the dark, black sky only to find a glimmer of the moon. It was cold outside and the silent surroundings added nothing more but a shiver and emptiness to her restless heart. Where were the stars that used to warm up the night and gave enlightenment? Even mother nature seemed to turn a back on her, now when she needed some guidance.


Tears began to roll down the cheek, as she felt approaching one of the most difficult intersections in life. Wondering, if choosing to walk down a road less traveled would really be the answer to her journey.


It was a path that she had been avoiding for years... Being a free spirit, she just couldn't imagine herself bound by so many straight rules. Walking the line just wasn't her way of living, and she was afraid to loose identity.


Still, she had to be true to herself and admit that she loved this man head over heels. He was her Prince Charming and the missing piece of her soul. Life without him would be another kind of prison and torture to the heart. Like the temptation of fruits hanging on a tree, she had the urge to reach out for him and give in to the sweetness of love. It was time to make a decision.


The third time he proposed, she had no more strength to resist and finally choose to walk with him on a path that turned out to be destined for her after all. As a commoner becoming the soulmate of the King and Queen Mother of a nation, she was broadly loved and made a fairytale come true. Life was truly beautiful for both of them.


A soft touch on the shoulder resulted in a startling shock. She looked around and realized that Studio 16 was already empty. Lizzy was confound on how easily her mind had slipped away during the movie. She shook her head and took a deep breath. The only road she had to walk at present was going back home. Alone. Without prince charming. So much for a love story. Sigh.


PS. I am so sorry for this very late entry. Hopefully next time I will be on time. We had family coming over for a one week visit. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

Music is expression of harmony in sound.
Love is the expression of harmony in life
~Stephen F. Gaskin

Keep a song in your heart.

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Finding Pam said...

This is an enchanting story that enhances the photos so beautifully. I loved every word of it and your writing is amazing.

Thank you for commenting on my POW. I am happy that you wrote in the POW. See you next time.


Peggy said...

You are such a good writer. I enjoyed this story very much!
Have a wonderful weekend friend!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Nicely done Rosidah, I hope she gets her Prince, and not on the Silver Screen.

Anonymous said...

My dear sweet Rosidah. This is so good. I just love it my friend. I so hope that one day she will meet her prince charming. Very cleverly written. I really really like it and thank you so much for participating. That means so much to me :) No worries that it is late :) It's a great story. You are the bomb!!! xoxoxox Mahalo

Maude Lynn said...

Very well done!

Amanda Moore said...

Wow I had no idea you were such a romantic! Very nice I enjoyed reading this a lot Rosidah.

tattytiara said...

Oh I had to giggle. I'm watching the HBO miniseries about Elizabeth the First and caught myself sitting there, slack jawed, glazed over, and completely absorbed. Just as lost as your character!

Nessa said...

It was a lovely story full of possibilities. I haven't even finished mine yet so you are not so very late.

Unknown said...

A lovely story, nicely written, my friend. Prince Charming will come ... some day.