11 April 2011

DBSK Homin: Keep Your Head Down English Lyrics

Monday, April 11, 2011
Thanks for the honor of this week's "Spotlight Dance" at the Monday Music Moves Me Blog Hop. Since the theme is "Freebie", I thought that I would go for a song with an energetic dance choreography to start of the new days. I love the fact that the performance of "Keep Your Head Down" by DBSK Homin actually begins with an amazing spotlight dance.

Did you know that it might take years of training experience for Korean singers to finally debut in a group? Well, may be this explains some of their powerful dancing skills. DBSK, Super Junior and 2PM are just a few popular groups to mention in this category.  It's good to know their hard work really did pay off. I feel a great delight in transforming their enthusiastic dance moves to my own energy.

Right now the beat and moves of "Keep Your Head Down" are on top of my favorite dance performances, though the lyrics of this song usually wouldn't match my personal preferences for messages of warm feelings. I don't think that leaving someone special behind would be easy for me. But, I guess it's something you gotta do once in a while to save your soul from destructing heartache. To be honest, the thought of shooting out "keep your head down" at someone does occasionally cross my mind and I don't want to deny the fact that it could be me who sometimes needs to keep my head down. So, this song suits as great reminder in both ways. LOL

The lyrics of "Keep Your Head Down" have been a great controversy due to DBSK's recent split.  I find it quite sad that the group finally got divided into Homin (Yunho & Changmin) and JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu), after the latter members filed an ongoing lawsuit against their former company in 2010. Some people like to believe that the song lyrics were actually directed toward JYJ, though representatives of Homin already tried to deny those rumors.

FYI, the boys were one of the most famous Korean pop groups during 2003-2010. So, it's no wonder that some of their fans are still hoping for a possible reunion. After all, who wouldn't love to see five hot refreshing faces, voices and dancers perform together on one stage again. You can count me in for sure

Keep Your Head Down English lyrics

Keep your head down U-Know time (Max)
You know what time it is?
This is return of the king

(Everything has ended) I didn’t even start yet
(We broke up) I haven’t even heard the reason yet
Everyone around me keeps asking me why I’m like this
Why are you like that, why are you like that? I’m already the bad guy

(If it’s a sin) If loving you was a sin
(If that was a shin) If being genuine is a sin
(I’ll keep it low, I’ll keep it low) I’ll hold it in and stand my ground

(Keep your head down)
You look pretty, but inside you’re so different, that’s what I’m afraid of
(Keep your head down)
I said I loved you but I’ll let you go

(Why?) Did you leave me so easily
(Why?) Did I look easy to you?
(Why?) My heart is ripping to shreds
(Why?) If every moment was a dream
(Why?) If only I had the time to set it right
(Why?) I prayed for your happiness

I was always satisfied with having you
I was happy to dream the same dream as you no matter what they said
I had to let you go, but I’m just walking my path anyway
Now I’m just chillin’, Feel like I’m healing

It’s too late, you said you can’t come back
You’ve always believed that I’d crumble without you
That’s a misunderstanding, why would I do that? Why, why, I told you I wouldn’t

(Hey) I was really, really sad, because you were so immature
and I was afraid you’d meet someone bad (Why? baby)

(Keep your head down)
You’re really pretty, but that’s all there is to you, there’s nothing important inside of you
(Keep your head down)
A nail is driven into the heart that is holding in the pain of love

Ha~ Don’t play with people like that
In front of me, all you do is speak of lies
You’re such a two-faced person
(Why why why) Since when did our crystal-like feelings become so opaque?
Our love has ended, I’ve let you go, and now my heart is empty
But my future is gesturing towards me to get up and smile
I’m letting you go, live happily (why why why)
One day far from now, far from now, I want to just smile comfortable

(Why?) Why
(Why?) You let go of our love so easily
(Why?) Did you ever think that someone would get worried?
(Why?) I don’t think you know yet
(Why?) Exactly just what you let go of
(Why?) Just remain there and watch me grow

(Keep your head down)
Erased, disappeared, you’ve burned to death in my heart
(Keep your head down)
Erased, disappeared, you’ve died in my heart and you no longer exist


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DBSK TVXQ Homin Keep Your Head Down


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DBSK TVXQ Homin Keep Your Head Down

Keep a song in your heart.

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Bing Yap said...

i've not heard of this group so i asked my teenage daughter. her face lit up when i mentioned the group's name, wondering how or where i heard of them. she is a big fan.

the split is really sad considering that they are quite good as a team. very talented young men. :)

DeDa Studios said...

thanks for the info on Keep Your Head Down! Very interesting new follower and new to Monday's Music Moves Me! stop for a visit if you can http://www.dedastudios.blogspot.com while you are visiting click on House of the Rising Sun link on the right! Enjoy! It is my favorite sound!

Hazel said...

No idea about this group. So I am glad you featured them. I can still relate with the tempo and the dance moves despite my age, lol! This is one advantage of working in a university. The youth keeps old lecturers updated. Thanks for posting this group. Now I can behave or at least pretend that I'm 'in the know' about present generation music. *smiles*

Gigi Ann said...

I never heard or saw them before. They are different.

Run DMT said...

WOW! These guys are AMAZING! Not only is choreography and video stupendous, but the song ROCKS! It's too bad they group split up, because they have an N'SYNC that I think would have really done well in the States. You're right about the lyrics contradicting their actions.

I will definitely be downloading this song and adding it to my iPod because it's a PERFECT running song. Thanks for sharing it! :-)

And thanks for the MM shout out! You ROCK! xox

Denise G said...

congratulations!! I'm your newest follower through the hop


Stacy Uncorked said...

I really enjoyed that! Congrats on your Spotlight Dance! :)

Old Alabama Glitter - MMMM

XmasDolly said...

Very handsome, and talented young men. Love the song, and its story. Great choice for today. CONGRATS on your "Spotlight Dance". I hope you get many new followers. Have a great day, and I hope to see you next week too! WOO HOO SPOTLIGHT IS ON YOU!

Cakeblast said...

I love the beat and choreography. I'm sure DBSK will reunite someday

Amanda Moore said...

Wow Korean yes? Fantastic beat, love the Michael Jackson influence the dance in amazing just Wow! xoxoxoxoxox

Classic NYer said...

I'd never heard of them either... and I'd never heard Korean rap before either, but it rocks. :-) I don't doubt the years of experience. That shit just looks like it took work, haha!

Colette S said...

Love learning about new artistes. Thanks for sharing!


Ebie said...

Hi Rosidah, I hope you are quite settled in your new place.

Thanks for stopping by; your comments really inspire me.

Katie @ BIU said...

Very catchy and I like the beat! Thanks for sharing! Congrats on the spotlight

Anya said...

Hi Rosidah
Very great song :-)
And very creative dancing young mens

Hugs for you from us all
Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<

Jean said...

good share of great piece of good song!

Have a nice day! =)

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Eliz Frank said...

Terrific job on introducing us to the Korean music group. I enjoyed their creative singing and dancing too.
I stopped by from the MMMM bloghop and now following you via GFC.