07 April 2011

Wedding | The Muffed Target 21

Thursday, April 07, 2011

My sister had been going through her wedding vows on last Sunday, and I really had been looking forward to take as many photos as I could on this special event. I did manage to shot some wonderful moments, but most of the others unfortunately got blurred. The thing is that I didn't expect my hands to become so shaky on this once in a lifetime experience. Note to myself: You are not suitable to become a photographer on emotional events like this. It is good to know that there were also more professional photographers or we would be in big trouble. LOL   

A traditional Indonesian wedding consists of several parts. You can say that two of the main ceremonies are the vows and the reception afterward. But, there might also be held other unique ceremonies at separated places by the family of both sides. Nowadays, things have been kept more simple without neglecting the sacral parts. 

I don't know why, but the part of a father giving away his daughter to her future husband has always been my weak moment while attending weddings. It is considered as a very sacred moment here in Indonesia, where a bride is send off by her parents to go on a new journey with her husband. May be like a bird who flies for the first time out of her nest. Anyway, I couldn't bring myself to hold the camera straight and gave it to my husband. It turned out that even he shook a little. My father's face got blurred.

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Anonymous said...

Well that's really not that bad if youbask me. As a matter of fact I would think it was great if I took it. But yes wecwant our photos to always come out perfect especially of our parents. You know here in weddings all the father generally jwalks his daughter down the aisle and then the preacher asks who gives away the bride and the father says I do or we do to inlude the mother. No big speeches or anything. Wonder why the father of the groom doesn't have to do anything. Guess sons are stronger LOL Thnks for playing

Amanda Moore said...

It really is not very noticeable, but understandably an emotional moment so muffed but out of love LOL!