08 October 2009

Simple Ways To Help Going Green On Vacation

Thursday, October 08, 2009
Violet Flower at Safari Garden

Right now, we are preparing for a family holiday at the end of this month. That's why I thought of sharing a link related to going green on vacation for this week's Nature Notes and Think Green Thursday.

While googling around the Web, my attention were caught up by the Green Vacation Tips on Simple Ways To Help by Djuna Woods. Although it seems that she has stopped blogging in August 2008, I really think that her green blog is worth a visit. She has a beautiful water drops header with a lot of green links on the sidebar. This is what she says about her blog:
Simple Ways to Help the World,
From your Car, Condo or Cubicle

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt

[...] By making small modifications in our lives we can collectively make a big difference in the world.

We can all help the world in simple ways right here and right now from exactly where we are and with exactly what we have. Let’s get started.

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29 appreciated note(s):

Anya said...

Hi Rosidah
I wish you a WONDERFUL vacation
you deserve it :))))
Great post and I go looking by your friend on that green side !!!!!
Have a lovely day my dear friend
Anya :)

Anonymous said...

My dear sweet Rosidah...I hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation and that it is safe and fun fun fun. What a great post. Think Green :) Woot xoxoxox

wenn said...

i'll do my best..

Christine Gram said...

It's amazing how just small steps in the right direction can make a huge difference.

Nessa said...

That looks like an interesting site. I have found the key to green to be simplicity.

bobbie said...

I love the Teddy Roosevelt quote. Such very good advice!

Enjoy your vacation! And thanks for this post.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Rosidah. I'm sure you and your family will LOVE it. George and I try our best to 'go green' wherever we are--but it's harder on vacation.

Have fun.

Unknown said...

That's a beautiful flower Rosidah and you always can come up with the most informative posts. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. BTW, the feed is now turned on. Happy days to you always.

Unknown said...

Hi Rosidah, enjoy your hols and time with the family :) Going green , be it on vacaton or at home , in the office is quite easy if we will only stop to ask ourselves some pertinent questions about the environment. presto! we can do the right thing there and then!
Let's do it!

Regina said...

Hello Rosidah. What a lovely bloom.
Nice post. Enjoy your vacation!


Carver said...

What a beautiful shot and post. The small things add up to make a big difference. I hope you have a fun vacation.

moosh said...

Rosidah thanks for the tips and the web site. We are all helping each other to be more green. Have a good vacation.

Carletta said...

I love that Roosevelt quote!
I too hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation together. Bring back lots of photos to share with us. :)

RA said...

@ravi: Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog. I wanted to visit you too, but you haven't enabled your Blogger profile. So, I don't know where to find you. If by chance you read my comment here, it would be great to let me know :)

Blackswan said...

Wooo, I love vacation! You've a great time & let's go green together :)

storyteller said...

Lovely lavender blossom and marvelous tips too! Thanks for sharing and for dropping by Small Reflections recently. It's always good to hear from you. Hope you have a lovely vacation ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

Gosh, ROSIDAH, i own ravi!! I must have clicked something for it to appear!! Sorry, mystery solved. By the way, ravi is my hubby's name.

Caron said...

I love making small differences and really believe small things add up to big things in all areas of life. Enjoy your vacation!

Rambling Woods said...

I too want to wish you a wonderful vacation. This is a great green post. I had never thought of this'. No natural souvenirs: I will not disturb the natural ecosystem by bringing home any rocks or shells to decorate my hall bathroom.' This is a great point. Thank you for participating in Nature Notes and Thinking Green.. Michelle

gel said...

Pretty photo (I'm here for the first time from Michelle's Nature notes). Thx for green tips. Enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Terrific information to share Rosidah, I am leaving in a week I will do some more investigating!

Stine in Ontario said...

I hope you have a great GREEN vacation!

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shot...have a great vacation!

Martha said...

Beautiful flower and so true that if we all do a little it will add up to a lot! Sorry I haven't been around much, life keeps getting in the way. Wishing you a wonderful vacation! :-)

MyMaracas said...

Great ideas! Thanks for the links. I do hope you have a wonderful time on vacation.

http://graceolsson.com/blog said...

enjoy your vacation and when will come back...show to us your shots...hahahahahhaha


This week, I am guest at the FLOWERS FROM TODAY and I am here for to congratulate you for you to be part of our group. Your photos give more charm, color, class, life and light to the TF. Thank u very much, dearest.

DeniseinVA said...

Beautiful flower shot. Thanks for sharing it and have a wonderful vacation.

Huzhar said...

Have a nice vacation my friend. Thanks for reminding us to go green. And, your violet flower is awesome.. so beautiful..
Take care..
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Tulip said...

gorgeous purple flower.