01 March 2010

Birthday Present and Prayer for Mom

Monday, March 01, 2010
Birthday Present and Prayer for Mom
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Yesterday I got a lovely surprise. It was my birthday and the children had been saving their money again to buy me a beautiful dress with embroideries. You can see a part of it in the photo above with my previous Mother day gift. It was a bag and I had promised to share it on my blog. I'm sorry that it took me so long. I really love the birthday present and prayer for Mom. I think it is a lovely thought and effort. I'm very grateful for my life and all of the blessings. Hopefully I'll become a better person in the upcoming years and continue to grow in His love. Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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23 appreciated note(s):

Waileng said...

Wow! Your first scrap book page!

By the way if I may add, the picture is a little too small. Perhaps you might want to consider using 1/3 of the canvas for your picture and 2/3 for your designs. That way it won't be too small for people to see. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

Hau`oli La Hanau to you my dear sweet friend. I didn't know. Is it Feb. 27 or 28th? I must know so I can get it on my blog and on my calendar. I hope you had a wonderful day. What a beautiful gift from your children. You are truly deserving. Happy Birthday my dear sweet friend. Much love and Aloha. xoxo

Rosidah Abidin said...

@Waileng: Thanks for the tip, my dear.
@Thom: It is the 28th February. TY for the birthday wishes :). xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Rosidah!!!!! Hope the entire week is full of blessings.

Susan at Stony River said...

Happy Birthday! You're so lucky to have such a wonderful family around you!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Birthday, Rosidah---yesterday!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Your new dress sounds incredible... You will have to model it for us sometime.

Have a great week.

happily retired gal said...

What a lovely gift. Happy belated birthday from one Pisces to another! Here's to to many more ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

quilly said...

Happy Birthday!

You have a great family. It is wonderful when your loved ones pay attention well enough to get you exactly what you want.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Hi Rosidah,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!my warmest wishes for a happy year ahead.Thanks for your friendship.

myletterstoemily said...

hi rosidah!

happy birthday! hope you feel very


Blackswan said...

Happy belated bday, Rosidah! May u have a wonderful year ahead :)

Regina said...

Happy birthday Dear Rosidah.
Wishing you all the best.
Such a beautiful gift.

Ebie said...

A belated wish for you Rosidah. What a lovely and thoughtful gift!

Celebrate big!

Jama said...

Happy belated birthday, Rashidah! semoga panjang umur dan berbahagia disamping keluarga tercinta.

Anya said...

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Rosidah :-)
Sorry I am to late :(


Nessa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Such a beautiful gift.

RnPB: Ch 013 - Clean Up

Mariuca said...

Hi Rosidah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! I hope u had a wonderful time and many cool gifts to celebrate your special day, big hugs! :)

juliana said...

another birthday girl? happy belated birthday to you, too :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Rosidah, Many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday.
A birthday is just another 365 day trip around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
Stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards, Lee.

tattytiara said...

Happy happy birthday! Sounds like you got the best gift there is - the reminder that you're loved.

Tammie Lee said...

Happy Birthday dear lady! I feel happy that you are happy in your life. Wishing you a year that feels wonderful to you!

Anonymous said...

I left an appropriate Birthday wish on my blog for you :)

Rosidah Abidin said...

@All: Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes :)
@Thom: TY. That is so sweet of you. xoxoxo