27 March 2010

Handwriting Analysis Tag

Saturday, March 27, 2010
I saw this handwriting analysis tag at my dear friend Nessa's blog and thought it was fun to play along.

Show us your handwriting so we can read all about you.

THE RULES: write the following

1) Your name/blog name.
2) Right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
3) Favorite letters to write.
4) Least favorite letters to write.
5) Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
6) Write the following words in capital letters:
7) Write your favorite song lyric.
8) Tag people!
9) Any special note or picture.

Here is the picture

I am actually left handed, but my parents taught me to use my right hand more often because in the old days you weren't supposed to use your right hand to write. As result, I can use both of them. Did you notice the difference? The first number was written with my right hand, while the second one was written with the left. Then, I used the right hand again and so on. I don't know if this makes me ambidextrous? I write better with the right hand, but for artistic work like drawing and crafting I rely on my left hand.

Just for fun, I used this Free Basic Handwriting Analysis Course to add some insights about my personality. So here we go:

1. Font size: Small

Introspective, not seeking attention. Modest, pays attention to detail, good concentration, humble, may be self-actualized.

2. Slant: Vertical

Practical, independent, head rules over heart. Self sufficient, in control of self, low emotional response, restrained.

3. Baseline: Normally straight baseline

Determined, stays on track. Self motivated, reliable, mind controls emotion, steady, unflinching.

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