25 March 2010

Nessa's Blogging Practices Meme | Etiquettes

Thursday, March 25, 2010
My dear friend Nessa of The Chrysalis Stage has created a Blogging Practices Meme to give some positive inputs about the DOs and the DON'Ts in the Blogosphere. She says:

On your own blog do a post listing 5 things you like about blogs, 5 things you don’t like and 5 things you do blogging that you think are cool and why you do them. Try to give the reasons why, too, so people understand your way of thinking.

This is about blogging etiquette or blogging practices, not “I like blogging, because I make neat friends.”

5 Things I DO Like

1. Easy navigation & overview. Like visiting a new home, one has to get used to a new place. This can become quite difficult when the page is too crowded and heavy loaded. Not to mention that a slow connection tends to crash the Internet browser, while visiting these kind of sites. The result is that you have to re-open the window(s) and wait all over again. Fast loading pages are a favorite.

2. Notify me of follow up comments via email. I really love this feature, because it makes it easier to interact without constantly having to check a certain blog post. Sometimes there are so many new posts that it gets even more difficult to visit the intended post.

3. Links that open in a new window. Sometimes people add referring links in the middle of their posts to give a better understanding or make them more complete. I really love to follow these links, but like them even more when they open in a new window. Because I would like to stay on a post or blog, if I haven't finished reading it.

4. Mild colors and medium sized fonts for the eyes. I'm wearing glasses. Strong colors tend to hurt, while reading too small or too big fonts is exhausting. There are also some kind of fonts that might look artistic, but are very difficult to read.

5. Respect. The Web is full of inspiration and great minds, but not everyone can be on the same page. I love to read posts that give their honest opinions, but do respect others. With an open mind it can give new perspectives and better understandings. Respect also means that you don't take others creative rights. Even if you have given a proper link back to the original source, it doesn't mean that you can copy & paste the whole content.

5 Things I DON’T Like

1. Plagiarism. Stealing someone's creativity is very rude, especially if it is not for personal use. Make sure that you give proper credits to the creator or original source. Thank goodness the servers actually can prove what was published first.

2. Deceiving or invalid links. People might get away displaying hidden links to deceive others, but I'm sure that it will be the first and last time. Count on it, the visitor will never return. Hidden links in comments are also pointless. They definitely will be ignored or deleted without further concerns.

3. Hatred content. There's enough stress in this world and no point at all to spread hatred when you can give love instead.

4. Not permitted advertisement. Don't put any business links in comments without asking for permission, especially if they have no relevance to the post or blog.

5. Copy & paste the same comment on several different blogs. I have seen some Bloggers who have been copying and pasting the same comment on several blogs from different owners. It is a very unpleasant sight to see, because it shows that you don't care at all about what others have written.

5 Things I Do On My Blog & Why

1. Trying to keep it simple. Recently, I took off many widgets of my blog that I actually liked to try improve the loading speed and give easier access for my visitors.

2. Link back. I always try to give proper link backs to someone who has given me an award or mentioned me in their posts as an appreciation and a thank you, even if it takes some time for getting to it.

3. Original source. I like to provide my own photographs and content to avoid the possibility of copyright infringement. But when I do use other sources, I place them into blockquotes and add the source.

4. Looking at the positive side. This is a personal blog that I can use as channel to release my personal feelings, so it is actually up to me about what I write. Still, I try not getting too sentimental. Others don't need to be stressed out by me. Even if I write about sad events in life, I give some positive sights.

5. Involvement and interaction. As a member of the Blogosphere, I try to get involved with current events and memes. I also love to interact with others. Many of you have become good friends in the process, and I am very grateful for that.

Thanks for every visit to Music of My Life.
Keep a song in your heart.

8 appreciated note(s):

Unknown said...

Great things to know about you.
Have you a great week.


juliana said...

you have made some valid and interesting points and i agree with most of what you said.
the great thing about the blogging community is that we learn from each other through sharing

Martha said...

Very nice entry Rosidah. I agree with you! :-)

quilly said...

Even when you complain you are positive and loving and kind. Teh world would be a much nicer place if more of us were like you.

Nessa said...

This was wonderful. You did put a positive spin on everything. I have found out so many interesting things. Finding out why people do certain things is very helpful. Thanks for doing this.

Unknown said...

Good to mind our manners! Blog away and try and win as many readers as possible. Great!

wenn said...

ya, don't plagiarize.

Barbara H. said...

I love the very gracious way you worded all of these, and I agree with just about every point you made.

I, too, like when links open in a new page. I am dismayed when I click on a link, close it, and then find I've lost the original post I was reading, too.