09 June 2010

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Thanks to Jenn at You know… that Blog?

Freestyle HaikuThis week's theme


Hot trending topic.
Free access to the young mind.
A vision of proud?

My haiku talks about a trending topic on Twitter that has been going up and down to number one for two days now. I usually don't mind at all about these things, but protection for the Internet here in my country still needs some upgrades. Kids can easily access adult contents from many sources and devices that I'm afraid it might harm their young minds. I can't understand why some people seem to be excited and proud to be on number one for such kind of topic. Is there any prestige?

The term Ariel Peterporn has been originated from an ongoing scandal. Intimate videos featuring persons resembling to a famous singer named Ariel from the popular band called “Peterpan", with two famous female celebrities, have been leaked to the Internet. Rumors say that the singer has lost his laptop and these two videos are only a part from a series of videos, featuring other top female celebrities. Some of them already married. Further investigations are still in process.

The basics:

Haiku is simple!
It is 3 non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively
(a great way to use your fingers!)

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12 appreciated note(s):

Unknown said...

Definitely something to take into account. You cannot be too safe on the internet.

Unknown said...

lovely haiku, Rosidah.
but what you wrote is very true.
nothing to be proud about such sad issues and with millions of kids not fully protected.
remember the good old days?
you take care of you now?
hugs to you and amalia,

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Whoops, didn't get off my soapbox long enough to comment on the actual haiku! Doh!

Great job ;)

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Ugh, I know what you mean. I really fear for the future generations with such easy access to sleaze of all sorts. Reality TV is the worst culprit as far as I'm concerned, though. How far we've sunk to think that the sleazy behaviour on shows like the Bachelor are normal, or acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Well done my friend. This is something that all parents should be particularly concerned with. Even here in the US kids can so easily get into adult areas. . Interesting story going on. I hope it gets resolved soon :) It is scary what some people will do :) Your kids my friend are lucky to have such a caring and loving mother :) xoxoxox

Nessa said...

People will do anything for attention.

Jingle said...

wisely said..

Unknown said...

I'm so glad my kids are now grown. I do worry about my grandkids, hope their mama can keep them safe.

Ria said...

I am always amazed at parents who have absolutely no idea what their kids are doing on the computer! You'd think with all the weird stuff that hits the news from time to time, it would at least pique their interest!

Bing Yap said...

i do worry about the sites that my kids have access to. great haiku! thanks for the warning =)

Jama said...

I've read about the case online and in the newspaper. Just like the case of Edison, the Hongkong movie star.

Amanda Moore said...

very cute and trendy!