23 June 2010

Flash Micro Fiction: Traces of Red

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Traces of Red
Do we still hear nature’s whispers,
when traces of sunshine fade into ashes by greed?
Hold on to the scent of sweet roses and companions,
or countryside beauty will be our eternal loss.

~ Rosidah Abidin

World Pool Wednesday
thanks to Ellie

Write a 33 word microfiction from three words to choose
(use at least one): countryside, roses, sunshine

Keep a song in your heart.

2 appreciated note(s):

Old Kitty said...

Oh this is lovely - very very beautiful and very wise! I love the musical lilt to the words, I especially adore the first line - a fantastic question and one that lingers with me.

Thank you for sharing
Take care

Ellie Garratt said...

I loved the third line, "Hold on to the scent of sweet roses and companions."

A beautiful microfiction. Thank you for taking part.