24 January 2011

Dishwalla: Home Lyrics #MM

Monday, January 24, 2011
If you have been away from home for a long time or are searching for a moment of peace, the song "Home" by Dishwalla is dedicated to you. These are the opening words of  J.R. Richards, the vocalist, in the following life performance video. I really think that his voice, the song lyrics and music may give you some time to escape from the hectic of life. I always consider home as a place of warmth and a place to energize.

Dishwalla is an American alternative rock band that released their first album "Pet Your Friends" in 1995.  The third single "Counting Blue Cars" hit great success and was chosen as Best Rock Song of 1996. Some of their songs have been featured as movie soundtracks, like "Home" in "The Banger Sisters (2002)"  starring Goldie Hawn plus Susan Sarandon, and "Truth Serum" in "The Avengers (1998)" starring Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman plus Sean Connery. TV shows like Charmed, Smartville and The OC also used Dishwalla's songs in their episodes.

Home lyrics

I'm so sick and tired
of all these things
that drag me down
I've got no where to go
they say that life
is in these hands
you give everything
you give yourself away you give
and still you choke
and find yourself running for the door

come and take me
lead me to your door
take me where you are
lead me to your door
at least just for a while

its some kind of life
forever days
we're in the cold

unfamiliar way
so take this fear
and fade it out
it won't make me sad
cause I get sentimental lord
in other ways
and I don't want to let me down here anymore

so come and take me home
lead me to your door
take me where you are
lead me to your door
and let me in
just let me in
and let me leave
just let me leave this world
come on now let me leave this world
at least just for a while


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Tamar Kaprelian

Keep a song in your heart.

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Colette S said...

Definitely a rocker.
I have not heard this one before. Thank you for sharing it.

Glad you are dancing with us today.

Aloha! :)

Peggy said...

Never heard this song before but I am going to add this to my Ipod.
Says so much to how I've been feeling.
Thanks so much for the gift of a great song!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Great song! And now I know who it is from some of the shows that play their songs... :)

MMMM: Chaos and Fun

Hazel said...

That's a sweet dedication. Truly home is sweet home. And I like the song too. Happy Monday, Rosidah.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! Great song and I loved that movie too! :-)

Amanda Moore said...

Wow where have these guys been all my life! I have never heard these guys play and they are awesome! This song will hit home for so many Rosidah I think we have all felt this way at least once!

scribbleandedit.blogspot.co.uk said...

Great song. Never heard this artist before :O)

XmasDolly said...

Oh yeah, I use to watch Charmed all the time, and now I have all the seasons on DVD. I remember them. They're really good, and that singer is too cute. Thanks for playing along with us, and hope to see you next week too! Following you. Have a very musical week.

Run DMT said...

Dishwalla are such a great band. Thanks for featuring them this week.

And thanks for the MM shout out! You rock! xox

Lorie Shewbridge said...

What a great song... so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing it and for playing along again this week, we really appreciate your support.
Hope you keep joining in.
Have a wonderful week, see you next Monday.

dtbrents said...

Home, one of the sweetest words in the world. I enjoyed the song. Doylene

Cathy N. said...

I'm a HUGE Dishwalla fan and appreciate you introducing their music to others! You all owe it to yourselves to check out some of their other songs on YouTube (Angels or Devils, Far Away, Candleburn, etc)

RA said...

Thanks for the tip Cathy. Their music is awesome!