26 January 2011

Paul Cézanne's Google Doodle for 172nd Birthday

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
First of all, what is Google Doodle? Basically it is a sketch or drawing occasionally made to decorate  Google's official logo on their homepage for certain celebrations, like holidays, popular birthdays or anniversaries. They are applied only in certain countries or globally, depending on the occasion to celebrate.

On January 19, 2011 Paul Cézanne's Google Doodle was released globally for his 172nd Birthday. He was a famous French painter who laid the foundation of Cubism developing into modern art, inspiring well-known artists like Picasso.

Paul Cézanne's Google Doodle was originally created by Mike Dutton as real oil painting and furthermore  transformed digitally. Just look at the beauty of this artwork. Wonderful tribute, don't you think?

Paul Cézanne's Google Doodle for 172nd Birthday

Music is expression of harmony in sound.
Love is the expression of harmony in life
~Stephen F. Gaskin

Keep a song in your heart.

2 appreciated note(s):

Maude Lynn said...

How did I miss it?

Nessa said...

That is lovely. i like the way google does their doodles for decorations.