04 January 2011

A Mouthful Of ... | The Muffed Target 18

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Mouthful Of

My son had stuffed a mouthful of ... into his cheeks. You actually should be able to recognize what he was eating, because some of it was still in his right hand. But, alas he moved when I pushed the camera trigger and everything got blurred. I'm telling you, he really likes to do this on purpose just to tease me. Well, have you figured out what he eats?

Let me give you some clue. It is a bar of moist sprinkled with small bushy deciduous tree fruits. I think it's quite funny, how a simple thing can sound quite complicated like this. Do you have an answer yet?

Yup, you are right! It is a mouthful of almond brownies. LOL

I would have so many other options to show, if only I didn't forget to delete my messed up photos at an instant all the time. It's an automatic routine that I can't get rid of until now. You take a shot, look into the camera display, and continue to the delete button when not satisfied. That's too bad, cause Muffed Targets can be so funny and interesting. I promised to myself that I will get better in the future to participate on this meme.

Submitted to Thom's Muffed Target taken over from
Gattina @gattina-keyholepictures.blogspot.com. 
Thanks for hosting, my friend.

6 appreciated note(s):

Regina said...

He is cute.
Happy New Year to you Rosidah and to your family.

quilly said...

This is a funny photo. He looks so cute with his stuffed cheeks.

Like you, I almost always delete my worst mistakes before I ever download the photos. I've got to stop doing that!

Anonymous said...

Sure blame it on the subject moving. LOL That's what I do :) he is getting so big Rosidah. Whatba great shot. You said a mouthful with this one. Mahalo for playing. Much appreciated. :) xoxo

DJ KathyA said...

Almond Brownies! YUM, I'm with him!

Maude Lynn said...

He's so cute!

Amanda Moore said...

Save this one you may be able to use it one day to show his girlfriends! He is starting to mature some in his face it seems. wonderfully muffed Rosidah!