26 November 2009

Attention! Read carefully

Thursday, November 26, 2009
My dear friends host a lot of wonderful memes on Thursday, but it has been a while since the last time I participated on any meme at this particular day. I'm so glad that today I finally can join three of them.

I have chosen another photo from our family vacation to Singapore last month. We went to VivoCity to meet with one of my junior high school friends who has been living in Singapore for a couple of years now. I hadn't met her for over a decade and it ended up as a lovely reunion.

Before my friend arrived at VivoCity, we had still time to explore the place. According to their official site, VivoCity is Singapore's largest retail and lifestyle destination. I must admit that I was not too fond of shopping, like the rest of my company. I never was into it, although I don't dislike it. Taking photos on the other hand is great excitement for me. There were a lot of unique architecture and designs. Their playground and Sky Park were my favorite spots.

When I saw this sign, I had to chuckle. I never had seen any sign like this before and only read the first sentence. Nothing spoils a beautiful view like an ugly butt... What a funny sign to mention about this, I thought. That's when I read the second sentence and got some enlightenment. Please put cigarette butts in the bins provided. LOL. It's better to Think Green, everyone (Click the link, if you want to read more of my green posts). Now seriously, please don't spoil our beautiful nature with these ugly cigarette butts!

Attention read carefully © 2009 by Rosidah Abidin

I present this unique sign to Nature Notes, Think Green Thursday and This Way Thurs-Way.

Michelle from Rambling Woods just created a lovely award last week:

I have been sponsoring Nature Notes Thursday and Think(ing) Green Thursday for months now. I wanted to show my appreciation to those bloggers who blog about their love of mother nature or show concern for the planet. You can’t be a nature lover without being a ‘green thinker’ or a green thinker without being concerned for mother nature.

Please accept this award. All I ask is that one post be devoted to how you try to take care of the planet by trying to live green and being more environmentally conscious. Please link back to Rambling Woods or Think(ing) Green Thursday Meme

Thank you so much for this award, my dear! I think you deserve it the most for your constant concern about our beloved mother nature.

Thank you , Michelle
Thank you , Michelle
Thank you for the idea, Gina
Thanks to Jan, Pacey and Tink
This Way Thurs-Way

I appreciate every visit and comment, but love even more to become good friends. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

25 appreciated note(s):

quilly said...

I like that sign!

RA said...

Great one isn't it ;)!

Nessa said...

Great sign.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate and a Happy Thursday just to celebrate.Thursday Thirteen

Vicky said...

What a clever sign!

Anya said...

Its a lovely funny sign :-)

Have a nice evening :)

Thinking Green said...

Oh..this is such a lovely post. I do love that sign and it's a good way to get someone to stop and think about what they are doing. Thank you for accepting the 'Green Thinker' challenge and for participating in Thinking Green.... Michelle

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award :) Great sign as well my friend. Have a great day :)

XoXo said...

Oh what humorous and a true true sign, hope this gets to the head of all those who don't care. Thanks for being part of TWTW again my friend.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Nice sign and yes cigarette butts should be kept out of the countryside...

Lee said...

Hello Rosidah, just dropped by to wish you and family selamat hari raya adiladha.
Best wishes, Lee.

Unknown said...

I love it! Brilliant message!

RA said...

@Nessa: Have a wonderful holiday, too :)
@Crafty Green Poet: Definitely a better view. TY for stopping by :)
@Anya: Have a nice evening, too :)
@Thom: TY, my friend. Have a great day, too :)
@Vicky: I think so, too :)
@Pacey: It is my pleasure to participate again. I really love this meme :).
@Michelle: I thank you for your constant care on mother nature, my dear :).
@Lee: TY. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, too. Best wishes :)
@Keats: Very brilliant, indeed :)

Amanda Moore said...

That sign just got me I laughed so hard!!! Congrats on the award darling you're a good person so good things come your way!

RA said...

TY, my dear Amanda. I hope so. You are a wonderful person, too. Hugs and love :)

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

Really love the sign!
Forgive me for forgetting in my posts that not everyone has the same holidays and special events going on.
I hope you had a great day! :-)

Anya said...

Have a nice weekend Rosidah
hugs from us!!

Jama said...

That sign is also meant for those teens wearing low cut jeans, when they say down, butts all can be seen!! lol ( kidding only)
Selamat hari raya aidil adha to you and your family.

RA said...

@Martha: It's okay, I really don't mind :)
@Anya: Have a nice weekend, too. Hugs and love :)
@Jama: LOL. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to you and your family, too :)

Mariuca said...

Hey sweetie, Love ur quote here by Geirge Elliston btw. Good one! :)

I hope u had a wonderful time in Singapore and continuing to enjoy the Raya hols. Have fun! :)

RA said...

Thank you, my dear. I hope you enjoy the Raya holiday, too :)

Anonymous said...

What fun to meet up with an old friend and enjoy the architecture and beauty of the area. Your blog background is so very pretty Rosidah.

RA said...

TY, Mildred. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's so good to have you here on my blog again. I hope you are doing great.

Carolyn Ford said...

Perfect sign! And, I agree about the low cut jeans...that too could be the message! I wish I could plant that sign in front of the middle and high schools around here in California! I am serious! Love it!

RA said...

@Carolyn: LOL. I think I would do that too, if we could :)

Carver said...

That's a great sign.