18 November 2009

The Singapore Flyer

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Singapore Flyer © 2009 by Rosidah AbidinIt has been almost a month since our vacation to Singapore and I haven't posted a single photo yet. Well, it's about time to change this. Here is my first colorful and watery view. You can see the Singapore Flyer at the right.

According to Wikipedia it is currently the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Well, I and the heights aren't quite a match. That's why I might never end up getting on the Flyer as much as I wanted to. Can you believe that I just found out about this phobia in senior high school? A poor friend of mine got stocked with me on an overpass. My feet just refused to move. What drama! Anyway, I still hope that I get the courage to go on the Singapore Flyer when I have another chance to Singapore.

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Watery Wednesday
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PS. My friend Jama explained in the comment section that the colors are the Marina Bay Floating Platform. It's a 30 000 capacity grandstand seat fronting the floating platform. The Singapore National Day was celebrated there. According to my friend Elaine, the high building on the left is the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Thanks for the information.

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Nessa said...

There are so many contrasting images there.

Wordless Wednesday - Pirates' Strumpet

it's possible google reader dropped my feed again


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Rosidah, It's great to hear from you. How are you??? Love that 'flyer'... That is a big 'ferris wheel' (what we call them).. Have you ridden it????


wenn said...

lovely colours..

Anonymous said...

What an amazing photo. You captured this so well :)

XoXo said...

Am so afraid to take those flyers, huhuhu...makes me dizzy and all.

Anya said...

Singapore its for me very far :-)
Funny shot Rosidah,
what are those colors ???

Have a nice day
Anya :)

Jim said...

Great view.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

RA said...

@All: Thanks for the wonderful comments. I'm wishing you a splendid day :)
@Betsy: I'm fine, TY. Hope you are doing great, too. No, I'm afraid of heights. Hugs and love :)
@Pacey: It's the same with me. Me and the heights don't go along so well ;p.
@Anya: I think those colors are the roof of a building. But I'm not so sure. If we shift the angle more to the left of this photo, we could see the Esplanade. It is another sightseeing in Singapore.

moorebloglife said...

My goodness Rosidah that is beautiful you must have had an amazing time!

RA said...

@Amanda: Yes, we had a wonderful time. It's so good to have you here again, my dear. Hope all of you are doing great!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful colors and photo.

Unknown said...

Like Pacey, I'm not good for these flyers!! So, much as I like the view , Have to go for something more steady !!! Thanks for popping by regularly to my blog:))

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

Neat shot Rosidah. So glad you are playing along :-)

Ebie said...

Hi Rosidah, I hope all is doing well for you! I love your new header!

If I have to be on that flyer, I'd be screaming out loud!

Enjoy your week!

Unknown said...

beautiful colors! i hope to visit Singapore soon, and the Singapore Flyer is on the top of my list.:P

RA said...

@Eileen: TY :)
@Keats: You and me and Pacey are on the same boat then ;p. I thank you for being such a wonderful friend :)
@Martha: I'm glad that I finally could join again, too. I do love your wonderful memes. Thanks for hosting them :)
@Ebie: I hope you are doing fine, too. I would join you in the screaming...No, wait! I would actually faint if I had to go on it. Too high and too much glass. Hiii... But I love the design.
@Luna: I hope you get there soon and share a lot of wonderful photos. Thanks for stopping by, my dear. Hope you are doing great :).

Jama said...

I rode on the Flyer once, on a clear day, one can see the city for miles, even glimpses of Batam.It moves very slowly one can barely noticed it.
Those coloured things are not roof but part of the Marina Bay Floating Platform. it's a 30 000 capacity grandstand seat fronting the floating platform. We had our National Day celebrations there.

RA said...

Wow! Thanks for the explanation, Jama. I'll see if I get the courage to get on the Flyer when we come to Singapore again. I really hope that there will be a next time. Have a wonderful week :)

Blackswan said...

Cool! I'm glad u've enjoyed ur stay in S'pore :)

Akelamalu said...

I just popped by to say 'thankyou' for the kind birthday wishes you left for me. :)

Great photo! Singapore is on my to visit list. :)

RA said...

@Shirley: TY, my dear :)
@Akelamalu: You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by at my blog.

Lee said...

Hello Rosidah, I bet you had a fabulous time there, not to mention shopping at Orchard road?
How many pairs of shoes you bought, ha ha.
Love the pic.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Vicky said...

Hi Rosidah,what a nice photo! Last year I rode on the wheel of Brisbane,enjoy the view from the top...You should try it :)

Anya said...

Hi Rosidah

We came special to wish you a wonderful weekend :-)

HUGS from us

Anonymous said...

thats just beautiful...the colours on the roof has added an altogether new dimension to the place...nice capture!

RA said...

@Lee: Thanks for stopping by :). Yes, I had a fabulous time in Singapore. I'm not that into shopping and prefer my camera ;). So, it was just a very short visit to Orchard and no shoes at all. LOL. Have a nice day, too.
@Vicky: I might try it the next time, but I'm not so sure ;). I hope you had a wonderful Anniversary, my dear.
@Anya: Thank you so much, my dear. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Hugs and love :).
@Kalyan: TY for the compliment. I admire your photos very much.