06 April 2020

Dealing with Changes at Work

Monday, April 06, 2020
Nobody likes changes that need you to step outside of your comfort zone.
But there are these situations in life where you just are forced to take these unwilling acts.

The coronavirus pandemic, which also is known as COVID-19, has done this to people all over the world. We are currently not able to commute wherever we want. We have to stay at home, not being able to meet up freely with family, friends, and colleagues. It is hard!

But most of all it might be depressing for those of us who are affected at work. Jobs that urgently need to meet up with people to get their daily target incomes. People who were cut off from transportation and lunch wages, or even released from their jobs. Many establishments have collapsed. There are so many adjustments to face by both employee and employer, and no signs of an end yet.

What do you do to deal with this overwhelming situation?

It is human to feel depressed and at a loss. But it is not the best time to feel physically down, both because of the coronavirus that likes to attack people with a weak immune system, and the urgency of the situation for you to get up and take matters in your hand.

Just remember that it is not only you experiencing this right now. That should help to get rid of negative thoughts that say you are worthless because you are not. No one is. Gather back your confidence and spirit to make the best out of this situation. Be among the fighters who make it up!

It may be time for you to think about other directions and resources.  Try to think out of the box. History has proven that this could even lead you to a better path. Something that you wouldn't try if not being desperate. Many successful persons have a story like this. A moment that finally accelerated them to the top.

List all of your abilities, because there will be something that you can carry out. The internet can be a great inspiration to find out what people with similar skills do. I have seen some of the oddest jobs that never occurred to me, but it turns out to be possible with the right package and method.

One of my favorite places to seek job opportunities is Linkedin. They have a feature that gives you the ability to search and be notified about all kinds of jobs everywhere if you set up your preferable choices. You also can see and check the background of future employers, which can minimize the possibility of being scammed. Another plus is that it reaches out worldwide. So don't feel demotivated, it may just need time for something great coming to you.

Sharing your skills on social media might also be a way to gather a specific audience. If you can find a niche that suits you well, you might boost up to a place with other influencers. Of course, not overnight. That is rarely happening. But it is an option while waiting for other love calls.

Please, stay safe and healthy, plus sane, everyone. Nothing lasts forever in this world, including hardships. So, keep your faith and move on!

A time for change | Dealing with change at work
Source: Alexas_Fotos at Pixabay

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