02 April 2020

To The Heartbroken You, This Too Shall Pass

Thursday, April 02, 2020

To you who is going through a difficult situation right now,
I empathize with you from the bottom of my heart, and I only want to remind you that whatever it is you are going through, "This too shall pass." Although it might not seem that way at this moment.

End of 2016, I felt like my heart would burst. The destiny that came into my life with a boom shook my very existence. I couldn't eat and sleep well. My weight went down to the point that I had no energy to do anything, and I didn't register the people around me too much. I just spent my days mourning and mourning for the hurt that I felt.

It was so difficult to get over with all of it that I began to hate myself. Do you know something that occupies your mind and doesn't want to go away? You know that you are more important than whatever it is that consumes you, but still, nothing works. It just stays there with you like a parasite.

The good thing about this situation was being surrounded by loving people who made sure to give me a boost. They wouldn't give up on me, though it seemed like I had lost interest in my surroundings. Nothing mattered more than what had struck me hard.

I think if I didn't have these awesome people around me and remember that you are in good hands with God, things could have gotten more awry. So, hold on to people like this if you have them in your life.

There were days I could laugh and feel upbeat for a while, but the misery I was feeling just kept on crawling up again and pulling me down as if it wanted to swallow me into the earth. Whenever this sadness was taking over, I just kept on weeping and didn't know myself. But, I still reached out for others to ask for help, talking to them.

I don't even remember the first time I was getting better, but I eventually made it. With a lot of struggle!

The main point that got me through this was when I decided to convey all sorrows to God. I spent a lot of my time with Him. It allowed me to see all my blessings and realize that others were suffering even more. It has become a cruel, cold world for a lot of people these days, you see. So, I started to reach out to these people in return. Once being down, I tried to push myself up with every possibility by looking around and taking care of others with whatever power that God has given to me. There is a lot inside yourself if you start looking at the other way of your misery.

Getting into the fourth year now, it has been a mind-blowing revelation. Caring for others who are struggling in life put me on balance. The love that I have received and could see through God's blessings and the power of sharing these to others brought me very far.

It's not that I don't have any sorrows anymore, but I know and believe now that this all shall pass too. There will be sun and rainbow after every storm and cloudy sky. It will not forever be dark. Also, for the heartbroken you!

This Too Shall Pass

Music is expression of harmony in sound.
Love is the expression of harmony in life
~Stephen F. Gaskin
Keep a song in your heart.

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