07 April 2020

Grieving the Loss of A Parent

Tuesday, April 07, 2020
The one thing that contributed to my four-year-long blogging hiatus includes the loss of my mother and father in law about one and a half year ago. It was destiny that they went about eight months apart. I can't describe how heartbroken I felt, but I think I'm not alone experiencing this kind of saddening farewell.

Both of them were people who belonged to my lovely cheering squad, and I don't think that I would have made it so well if God didn't give me these caring persons to stand by my side during most of the part.

It has been a very rough four years for me, and it still is. But everything got better than it was in the first place. I am hanging on and walking towards a better me each day, and I hope that the worst part has been over. Although sadness and loneliness still overwhelm me from time to time, almost every day. That is how precious they meant to me, and I didn't even realize back then that it was to this extent.  

Now that I know how to deal with the situation. I also feel closer to Him, who gave life to all of us. It keeps me going, especially after my parents' loss. I miss my parents, who always supported me and gave me a lot of joy and calmness in my life, especially throughout my hardships.

So, how do you cope with the grief about the loss of your parents?

It is difficult to realize that the ones who were treasuring you the most through life are now gone. You miss their existence and wisdom. I can't recall that there was just one day without my mother's interaction in daily life when she was still alive. She was the kind of person that would come and call to check up on you if you didn't show living signs of yourself. I hope that I can become like this for my children as well. Someone who will be greatly missed and lived a life as positive and vibrant could be.

I fondly remember her strong personality, who always thought the best out of life, even though she was going through some obstacles herself. Cheerful and warm-hearted, regardless of whatever situation life brought upon her. She has a way to see and point out all those little blessings that God has gifted to you, never holding on to a grudge as well. And these were some of the words that she repeatedly conveyed to me during her last months here on earth. Seek out these little blessings and be happy.

So, whenever I feel down or discouraged, I would remember what she had taught me. I want to live up meeting her expectations of me toward life. Strong and happy!

If only I could be half of the person she was, I know that I will be alright. There is no turning back in time, but there is always a way to live your life the fullest. Believe in Him. Have confidence in yourself. You will be on the right path. That is the way you honor the memory of your parents and get over your grief step by step. Don't be discouraged. It takes time, and you are not alone in this.

Music is expression of harmony in sound.
Love is the expression of harmony in life
~Stephen F. Gaskin
Keep a song in your heart.

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