08 April 2020

What Do You Need to Create A Youtube Video?

Wednesday, April 08, 2020
Yesterday, I spent most of my day learning about Youtube videos. It is a time where you stay most of the time at home to avoid the spreading of this coronavirus, and it can get devastating. So I thought to keep my mind busy and excited, I should learn something new.

The first step that I took was looking for easy Videomaker tools. I read a lot of articles and decided to go through some of their suggested lists, choosing based on the simplicity of download and user interface to operate. It took quite a while to go through these steps, and it turned out that although I went over a lot of effort to look and download and try out these tools, in the end, I went with a piece of advice from a Youtuber account. Experience is indeed the best teacher.

From every tool that I tried that day, OpenShot was the most simple for a beginner like me. But it involved a lot of downloading, installing, and uninstalling before getting to this point. Some tools can be very overwhelming and confusing, although of their good looks.

Second, finding a topic and material for my video. I wanted to go with a motivational topic since I felt something like this kept me going in hardships these past years. But I had no personal videos in store, which would be way better for originality, so I went with royalty-free and creative commons license materials to go on with my project. Make sure you fully understand how it works with these sources. You don't want to get a copyright infringement because you were careless and didn't give the owners their creative rights.

Third, tool and material ready, I went on with the creational process. Reading the tutorial on the official OpenShot website, combined with a great Youtuber how-to video, was a great benefit. Very easy for a beginner. You can see the result in this post.

Fourth, go to your channel to upload your video with your Youtube Studio. Another process to get familiar with if you want to add subtitles, for example. I went with English, Indonesian, and German for my first video since those are familiar languages to me. Thank goodness for the Internet. You will be in good hands to find what you need to proceed. If I have time, I will also try to make more detailed posts about this. But I guess this is it for now. I hope all the basics are here for you to begin.

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Love is the expression of harmony in life
~Stephen F. Gaskin
Keep a song in your heart.

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