15 April 2009

M Is For...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
It's time for another ABC Wednesday and we have arrived to the letter M. Happy ABC Wednesday, everybody :)!

Magical View


A country in southeastern Asia.
Home of many beloved blogging friends.

Manado Tuo Mountain, Indonesia



My Crafting Material

My entry on Mellow Yellow Monday

Memory in Sepia


Mouth and Mustache


My Music

More letter M photographs, piece of art or poetry
Thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt

9 appreciated note(s):

Bryan said...

Wow! So many M's. I recognize a few of these, but my favorite is "Mask."

Responding to your question: I use layers in all my Photoshop edits! Adjustment layers make non-destructive editing much easier and possible. For that photo, at minimum I used one to convert to sepia, one to increase the overall contrasts, one to apply some vignetting, and one more to apply some noise. There may have been a few more, but they were less important to the overall image. It was quite the adventure!

Pamposh Dhar said...

Wow, so many M's - and so varied! Love Manado in particular. But all are cool.
I looked for your link this morning when I posted mine, but it wasn't up yet. :)

Sylvia K said...

Lots of Ms and all great ones! Lovely photos! Happy "M" Wednesday!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Great "M" photos, Rosi... I love the MOUNTAIN myself. Gorgeous!

Rena said...

Lovely M shots! So, are there different varieties of mangoes?

Tumblewords: said...

Great selection of M's. The apple mango is particularly interesting. I love mangoes.

Jama said...

Marvelous entry!

Vicky said...

So many M stories! the one of MYM stands out!

RA said...

Yes, Rena there are many varieties of mango. This one here is a cultivar.