10 April 2009

This Way Thurs-Way 3: Strength For Life

Friday, April 10, 2009
Working hard for a living

Yesterday morning, I took this street scene of a man selling ketupat sayur. It is a dish with a type of dumpling served in curry.

Some people have to work very hard in life to fulfill their daily needs. Can you imagine how difficult it must be to walk along the streets pushing a cart like that in front of you? It has been raining and the streets were still wet. I have seen some of these carts falling because the roads got very slippery. It is a horrible situation, especially when you break some plates or the food gets spilled.

I admire the great effort these people are going through day by day. It takes a lot of strength, courage and positive attitude!

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Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi There, We here in this country don't have a clue how people 'have' to live in other countries. We gripe and fuss when our electricity or cable or internet goes out for even a few minutes. I'd say we are very very spoiled...

I love to see young people (and anyone) go on mission trips to places where there is a huge need. To see it face-to-face really can change the lives of some of us.. We need to get about the business of helping those in need and not keep trying to be greedier and more and more selfish while making the almighty dollar..

Enough of my soap box!!!!

Mariamellie said...

Hi darling! I am so proud of you for posting this pic with your lovely writing. We both are lucky and so blessed to live in this country that we learn a lot to fight for the best! Life deserves hard work, and the fruit is beautiful and blessings! Have a wonderful long weekend! oh...what a lovely coincidence, I had lontong sayur made by Mama yesterday before and [again] after the voting! =) cheers!

Ebie said...

It is an honest living and I give a lot of credit for people doing this sacrifice. It is true, we take it for granted on what luxury we have in life. Have a good weekend.

Zee said...

I love it! You really captured the essence of the effort this man made. Nice shot!

Lilli & Nevada said...

what a great photo and i agree we just don't know how good we have it here in the states, i so admire these people for what they do to make a living. That is one neat looking wagon as well.

Jama said...

Wonder how the ketupat sayur taste like? this is something I've never seen before.

This Way, Thurs-Way said...

So perfect post for us here christians who are now on lent holidays. Very nice way to be thankful of just what we really have and just be contented with it, no whining. Thanks for joining and see you next week.

P.S. Sorry if am late, was just so busy this week.

Alex Wong said...

ketupat sayur sounds delicious.

Gemma Wiseman said...

I am amazed that people today still need to resort to street selling on a regular basis for the daily needs! A great reminder for the rest of us who simply don't appreciate just how much we really do have!