15 April 2009

Gingivitis and the PMS Connection

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
I hope this following site here may help answer some of your questions, if you are a woman experiencing symptoms like swollen teeth gum during your monthly cycles. Take good care of your health, everyone!

This is an overview of the impact progesterone may play on the development of gum disease in women.

The Impact of Hormones on Oral Hygiene by Christine Cadena

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Faisal Admar said...

i'm not woman but i got gingivitis too :(

gargle with listerine should be fine right?

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Thanks Rosi... Good oral health IS very important...

Thanks for the reminder.

RA said...

I think gargling with Listerine is good. It might help to relief the pain. Oral hygiene is a must.

Unknown said...

@ Faisal, Taking vitamin C will lessen gingivitis too, and a oral prophylaxis will help too every 6mos.
Rosidah, this is a good post.

Mojo said...

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