18 April 2009

Pre-Scheduling Your Blog Posts

Saturday, April 18, 2009
Okay, I find myself really amused right now. I should have done this in the first place, because it is actually one of the most simplest things that you can do in life ;).

If you have a question, then JUST ASK!

I have been wondering about this matter quite for a while (in silence), because there are these scrambled patterns in your life with very intense activities or sometimes a lot of spare time. A pre-scheduled post would come in very handy to balance these situations. You blog a few scheduled posts in your leisure time, especially when you know that you will be very busy or off for vacation at other times.

So when my friend Pacey from Today's Blah mentioned about it in her post yesterday, I finally pushed myself to ask. This is the answer:

You can pre-schedule your posts by clicking the post options below the post box in Create. Just look for it above the Publish Post button. After clicking this Post Options link, you will see Post date and time in the right corner of a display. Enter your data and you are set, after clicking Publish Post.

Pacey was right, this is very easy to figure out, sure you won't miss that. Thank you, Pacey. I should have asked a long time ago. Well, better too late then never. Have a great weekend, everybody :)!

PS. Talking about questions reminds me of the Zombie Chicken Award. I would really love to find out who the mysterious award creator is. I'm going in circles here. The secret of the master is heavily protected by the zombie chickens ;).

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Angie said...

OMG!! You rock Rosidah.I didnt know that. I have missed days due to things that have come up. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much for the info! I didn't know that! ......only posting photos...and never checking out the possibilities on the blog..... :)