30 April 2009

Ruby Tuesday & Sepia Scenes 28: Soulmates

Thursday, April 30, 2009
What a relief, it is finally raining! The last two days have been extremely hot here and made me feel more difficult going through all the things to get done. But you know that I try to keep my spirits high. I'm so glad that by the arrival of this rain, I have also come to some spare time. Yippee!

Now let me take you to my past. You can see the photos of me and my husband, when we were still toddlers. I really love these photos, because they were taken at very distant places on the same time line. My family was still in Germany (My parents met there when studying abroad, but that's another story), while my husband's family was in Indonesia. I like the thought that we were sitting on these tables meant to be future soul mates... Well, I better stop myself and spare you from the rest of my sentimental thoughts.

Me on A Table in Germany

My Husband on A Table in Indonesia

I have added no effects to these photos, since they already appeared to be reddish brown. Hopefully they suit Sepia Scenes and a very late Ruby Tuesday. Have a great day, everybody!

Both memes thanks to Mary

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Waileng Tan said...

Now I know who your son inherited his cute looks from!
Enjoy your weekend!

Robin said...

How sweet that you've got two similarly posed shots, taken half a world apart.

We're just getting into the dry season here in Israel. It isn't likely to rain again until at least November!

Inday said...

I smile endlessly reading the history linking to your romantic past. The colour is just perfect. And lucky you were able to keep some old photographs in very good condition. Thanks Rosidah for your many wonderful comments in my blogs.

Unknown said...

It's been raining here too, from 4pm til now. It was a relief for us too coz it was already so irritating. I couldn't even dare to blink to prevent from perspiring too much, hahaha...Those sepias look great, so classic result. Cool.

DeniseinVA said...

Wonderful photographs! The ones of you and your husband are such treasures. And it's very good to be sentimental about such things :)
It's raining here in Northern Virginia (USA). We have also had some hot weather but it was cooler today and yesterday earlier on. I am not sure what the temperature was in your part of the world. Here it was in the low 90s (farenheit) and very humid. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Awww Rosidah, that's sooo sweeet! You two are adorable!!!
Life brought you two together from that far away from each other - It sounds like you really are meant to be!
That's so sweet!

kden said...

What sweet and wonderful shots to treasure.

Vicky said...

Great post! Rosidah.
such memorable photos.

I went to the wildlife park today... the weather was so hot but enjoyed the trip...hope the rain will come over to our side soon.

Dianne said...

you're both so beautiful
and you have similar looks in your eyes - the eyes of a good soul, no wonder you found each other

these photos are treasures!

penny said...

Your photo are so sweet and touching. You have a lot of love to share. Be Happy, Pam

candlemamma said...

What adorable children you were... and are.. chuckle.. thanks Rosidah.
You always lift my spirits with your pictures...Have a teriffic week end!!!!

PJ said...

You were both adorable children. Everybody is piggy-backing memes today. Nice job and both of them.

Huzhar said...

How nice, both of you were so cute. Interesting post..

Mariamellie said...

Lovely! so dear, you believe in 'soulmate' and the signs you see!! that is great! =) so interested to know your story then! =) and both of you look so cute on the table! dear, until what age then you lived in Germany, which part? Have you ever gone back there?

Patti said...

What sweet and wonderful photos of you two soulmates.
Such a coincidence that you and your husband posed in such similar ways as babies.

Amazing, actually!

Thanks for sharing your story.