17 April 2009

The Story Behind The Kreativ Blogger Award

Friday, April 17, 2009
kreativ blogger award button
On April 8th I got a lovely surprise from Pacey at Today's Blah.
I'm so thankful & delighted that she thought of me for

The Kreativ Blogger Award

Trying to find out about the inspiration behind this special award, I finally came upon Husfruas Memoarer. A blog owned by Hulda, a creative Norwegian Blogger. She had first published this award on Mei 5th, 2008 and dedicated it to her sister Kjersti and her friends Borghild, Turid and Flittiglisene. If you click the links of these first nominee names, you can read their response in English Google Translation.

This was the original award button created by Hulda. I have decided to use her button to honor the lovely idea and creation, although I also like the new button above.

original kreativ blogger award button
The most unique part of this button here is that it actually was handmade! Yes, you have got that right. Hulda made the piece of art with her own hands. Go and see the lovely scrapping steps for the Kreativ Award button. She made the post kind of mysterious. I think that her thoughts behind this award were very, very creative. It makes me appreciate it even more. Thank you, Hulda.

Based on Google translation, this is my version of what she wanted us to do with the award:

1. Share this award with 4 creative Bloggers you often visit.
2. Explain why you think these persons are creative Bloggers.

Okay, now I will try my best to pass this award on. I visit a lot of creative and interesting Bloggers in the Blogosphere. So, I can't make up my mind and just pick 4 blogs among them.

These are 4 categories, which I see as creative points
to be nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award:

1. Creative Art (Candles or other crafts)
2. Creative Cooking
3. Creative Photography
4. Creative Thoughts (Literature, Meme, etc.)

If you have found yourself in one of my creative categories and I am a regular visitor of your blog, then this award is dedicated to you from the bottom of my heart. I would love you to accept my deeply appreciation by grabbing this button and place it on your blog. Still there are no strings attached, I know that some of you might not be too fancy about buttons. The most important part is that you know I love and appreciate your creativity. Thank you.

5 appreciated note(s):

Unknown said...

Hi Rosidah, I'm impressed. You are so diligent. I didn't even think of where it first came or who did it. Thanks for the info, hehehe...

BTW, you can pre-sked by clicking the post options below the box when you are creating a post yet then at the right side of it you see the date and time when you wanted it to be posted. Very easy to figure out, sure you won't miss that.

Tess said...

well deserved!

Anonymous said...

WoW! Rosidah, you are rolling in the blog awards, girl! hehehe
Congratulations on each & every one of them too! Enjoy!

candlemamma said...

Thanks Rosidah, I will post this on my sidebar! It is lovely. Thanks..

Blackswan said...

Rosidah, u're an amazing women :)