18 June 2009

TWT #19: How To Make A Big Decision

Thursday, June 18, 2009
A few days ago my 5 year old son brought home some fish from the pond. But last night my husband asked him to release the fish again, because they wouldn't eat anything given to them.

After the summotion of the fish from our house to the pond around 7am this morning, I told the kids that their father had promised to get a new pet as exchange. The response was some great excitement! The only problem was that they could not agree on what animal it would be. My daughter insisted to have a bunny, while my son was persistent on a hamster. I have been hearing them shouting "Bunny, bunny...!" and "Hamster, hamster...!" until 10am, when it was time for my daughter to go to school.

Arriving back at home, I had this following conversation with my son.
Son: "Mom, I have come to a decision."
Mom (working on the laundry): "What decision?"
Son: "The animal! It will be a BUNNY."
Mom: "A bunny? I thought you wanted a hamster?"
Son: "Yeah, but sister doesn't want to have one."
Mom: "Why do you want a hamster?"
Son: "It can crawl on your hand, because it isn't as big as a bunny."
Mom: "Oh, I see... but could you stand the tickles?"
Son: "Mom, it doesn't tickle when you have cloth on. His feet won't touch your skin. What were you thinking!"
Mom (clears the throat): "Alright then, let's call Dad now and tell him it's gonna be a bunny."
Son (very enthusiastic): "Call him now? Okay, we could tell him it will be a HAMSTER. Sister is still at school and she won't know.
Mom: "??!"
Sometimes I really feel like a phlyarologist, when having these kind of conversations with my son. Don't get me wrong, it's ME not him! LOL


Source: Photobucket by Briasaur

Source: Photobucket by witchmulan

My friend Quilly hosts a great literature meme called Three Word Thursday. Come and join the fun!
This week's words are:
phlyarologist – one who talks nonsense
pulchritudinous – characterized by or having great physical beauty and appeal
summotion – removal

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Thank you for hosting this great meme, Quilly!

18 appreciated note(s):

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I love how you use the words in a real life situation. It is excellent. Make sure you add your name in Quilly's Mr. Linky. I vote for the hamster...your son was very quick thinking and if you ask me that needs to be rewarded with a very cute hamster...Sister is going to have to learn how to out fox her brother because the boy is very quick. Excllent my friend...excellent :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a decision!!! Any chance it will be both???

Anya said...

Take a CAT =^.^=
they give youre all
the love you need ...... :)

(a hamster or a bunny are
also sweet and lovely ;)

A pet in the house is always fun:)

quilly said...

Again you have done a great job using these words! Please come by my place and sign in to Mr. Linky.

I vote for hamster. They are smaller, easier to care for and less likely to become stew ....

Vicky said...

hi,Rosidah , this is a fun post. couldn't help laughing at ur convesation with ur son. children are just children.

RA said...

@ Thom: Usually it is me who gets out foxed. LOL
@ Mildred: Yes, there is a chance of taking both if the kids don't come to an agreement.
@ Anya: We already have our Wildcat ^_^
@ Quilly: I'm off to your blog now :).

ItaJeff said...

salam Rosidah...
what a great story...anaknya pintar sekali ya Sidah (can I call you by tht name?)

Have a nice day.

Lots of luv,

anthonynorth said...

A fun post. Kids are tricky customers.

Dr.John said...

This is a great way to use the words. I vote for an English Spaniel. It will love them, grow with them and they won't tire of it.

SouthLakesMom said...

Just a fact to note -- rabbits eat their own poop...it's a digestive thing and totally normal but pretty gross until the kids figure out that it is normal. And male rabbits mark territory the same way male cats do, so be prepared -- you can't tell what sex it is until they're a bit older. Even vets have trouble.
I vote for a bird. hah!
Great use of the words!

RA said...

Err...eating poop and marking territory... Now I think Mom has to get a vote on this, too. LOL.

bettygram said...

Good use of the words in real life. I loved the conversation with your son. The pictures were cute for both. I have the rabbits but they are not tame and don't know the fact SouthLakesMom told.

Nessa said...

Good job getting the words into real life.

As a mother, who always ended up taking the most care of the pets, I say, go with the hamster. I think it will be easier to care for.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Good Boy.... He compromised and that is a good thing... Now--you'll have to get daughter to learn to compromise on something else. It's all about kids learning to share and communicate with one another.

Do you get a vote, Rosidah???? So many times, kids want 'pets'---but then Mama takes care of them. You want that???? Good Luck!!!

One of my sons had a hamster ---and it got loose in the house one time... We had a hard time catching that little guy.


Chele said...

Love how you incorporated the vocabulary lesson into this post. lol

Maybe you should read this post on my mother's blog about Happy the hamster I had when I was little before making a final decision. lol

Happy the Hamster

I will be checking back for the big reveal.

Fandango said...

The hamster and rabbit look tasty but they are not good pets. You need to get a little dragon. We are friendly and we can barbecue for you without your having to light a fire.
We enjoyed your use of the words.

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

Can't we get a kitty? I love my kitties and they are so easy to care for, even easier than a bunny or hamster - ok, if not either a bunny or a hamster will be great, I've had both, hard decision to choose! I can't wait to see what your family decided on :-)

Inday said...

hahahahahahaha....sorry Rosidah... laughter is the best medicine and am taking it at 5:57 in the morning, aussie time, just by reading this very interesting and funny posting.

of all the three words: summotion, phlyarologist and pulchritudinous, the last one is the only original word that I know of.

Wow! what a researcher you are!

Ahhhh just enjoy your children. One day, it will be a nice anecdote to relive these dialogues in memory.