12 May 2009

Can You Help Me On Some Comment Trouble?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
i need help.... Pictures, Images and Photos

I don't know why I have been facing some troubles to comment on a few typepad blogs for about a month now? Before that I have experienced no problems at all. First I thought that it was due to my slow connection, which really makes me struggle from time to time ;). But when I tried to google the matter this morning, I found a comment trouble post that informed me I'm not the only one on this. Please, let me know if you can give me some advice. Thank you :).

To all typepad bloggers who have been so nice visiting and commenting on my blog, I'm so sorry that I can't reach you right now. I have been sending you some emails, if the address was available on your blog. I hope that I can resolve this problem soon. Have a great day, everyone!

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aurbie said...

I have had no problems. Hope you get yours resolved.

RA said...

Thank you, Patty :).

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi, Rosidah, I haven't had any trouble with comments. But--I have heard of people who have. Guess I'm just lucky right now!!!! Hope you can get it worked out.

The biggest problem I have is going to HUGE blogs -- and they take SO much time to load. Why do people want to have those HUGE HUGE blogsites???? Yipes!!!!

Hope you had a good week!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Jientje is having problems commenting on my blog and she uses Blogger and I don't know anything about typepad. I hope you get it fixed however :)

RA said...

Hi Betsy, how nice to see you are back from your vacation :). HUGE blogs also give me a hard time. I'm gonna spare you all complaining about my snail connection again ;).

Bryan said...

That comment trouble post mentions that there are fewer problems when using Internet Explorer. Do you use IE? I personally use Firefox and haven't had any trouble though I also don't often come across typepad blogs.

I don't like huge blogs either, especially when there are lots of flashing and moving objects in the sidebar. These things take away from what the purpose of the blog is, and I often feel less inclined to visit again.

Most of my blog's load times come from the pictures, which are the main focus. I think that this slows down some of my visitors, but I would rather them spend time loading my true content than silly widgets in the sidebar. I'm curious: how long does it take you to load my blog's front page?

RA said...

I have both IE and Firefox on my PC, but Firefox is my default browser.

Inday said...

I used to have problems with IE, then someone recommended Firefox. Since I already had uploaded Firefox which came with Real (music program), I converted my IE to Firefox. Now I can do multitasking with ease.