01 May 2009

O Is For...

Friday, May 01, 2009
Oh no, I'm so late for this week's ABC Wednesday! I wish I could be more on time, but there are always so many occurrences. Of course, I should work this out. But, for now come on over and observe my photos. Happy ABC Wednesday, everybody :)!

My family loves the ocean at Anyer

Hard working old man in one of my Sepia Scenes

Orang Utan

Orange Sky at my Skywatch Friday entries

Orchid for a good cause

Oriental Scene

Origami Paper Paint


Outside The Window

White Owl

I am the owner of this handmade bag

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Thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt

4 appreciated note(s):

Unknown said...

It's always a special day when you see an owl, let alone photograph one!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Cute Rosidah... Love all of your "O" words... The one that caught my eye was the origami paper paint... WOW---so pretty...

Have a wonderful day and week. I'll post one more time in the morning--but then I'll be gone for about 9 days.


Huzhar said...

Nice post for letter O. Have a nice weekend..

sunnymama said...

I love all of your O pictures! The first is my favourite though :)