29 May 2009

Never Lose Your Heart

Friday, May 29, 2009
The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart. ~Nikolai Lenin

I just found this quote at the Quote Garden and find it so true. Being sick for a long time, you need the strength in your heart to help you hold on. Don't let an illness or any tough situation drag your spirits down! Try to stand up and find the best way to cope with it.

I have been experiencing electrolyte imbalance and sinusitis, which can be exhausting from time to time. It gets difficult to go through the daily activities... and sometimes... there were points where I even got scared by symptoms, like heavy breathing and temporary numbness. I feel very blessed that these two symptoms only occur on a rare basis. Hopefully it stays this way. Getting to understand my body's reactions toward these illnesses has helped me a lot to avoid or at least reduce situations like these. I think paying attention to good eating habits and adequate rest are some important factors. Did you notice that our bodies actually tell us when its time for a break or we don't eat well? Don't ignore the signs and you might be way better of. But of course there are also situations that are more difficult to avoid, if not unavoidable. In my last case, I think it was the weather. We had been going through some very hot days with a lot of dust, and then some heavy rain afterward. Yeah, sure! Just blame it on the rain.

Enough about me. I wanted to introduce you to some remarkable persons, which I met around the Web. They showed me great courage and proof that we indeed should never lose our hearts, even in some of the toughest situations. If you take your time to visit these sites you might get inspired, too:

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Never lose your hearts.

Thanks to Pamposh

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Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

You are a beautiful person with an amazing heart Rosidah :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Huzhar said...

I agree, sometimes we can not let our illness to turn us down.
I am sorry that you are still not feeling well. Yes, the weather is same here where I live in, very hot and then rain. This kind of weather can make you sick. Make sure you stay home, get enough rest and eat well, hope you get better soon, Rosidah.

Pamposh Dhar said...

Thanks for joining the meme with another inspiring quote, Rosidah. You are an example of the spirit of this quotation.
I agree a good diet and rest are very important. If you need more healing, you might try an alternative, non-instrusive treatment too. Like Reiki (of course I would say that!) There is something similar in Indonesia, a kind of energy healing, but I'm afraid I've forgotten the name now.
In any case, get better soon, Rosidah!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are getiimg better. It's so bad to be sick. I think that us listening to our bodies and kepping a positive outlook towards oneself is so key to everything. Great post and thanks for sharing ;)

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I hope you get better and yes we need to listen to our bodies, they give us hints. Will check out some of the blogs you listed.

Anya said...

Never lose your hearts,
soooooo nice written :))))
Thanks for your beautiful story !!

Unknown said...

I wish you're feeling better now. Take vitamin C, impt for resistance against sinusitis.

The Hi-Brazilian Blogger said...

Hi, Rosidah! Don't you think all illness humanity is experiencing now is consequence of our incorrect behaviour, I mean, our egoism? If we attain to be one with Nature, changing our will to receive to the will to bestowal, could we reach the collective state of mutual guarantee? Where I do anything to fulfill your needs and you, the mine? In a point that we don't have anymore to be concerned about our own needs? The old paths are returning and soon all this things will be turned clear to everyone, don't you agree? I'm through a kind of flu, without fever but with a strange corporeal sensation. And soon I realized the message sent with love by the High...we are all interconnected and curing the other you are promoting the cure of yourself!

With love,


RA said...

Thanks for all encouragement :)!
@Mauricio: I underline your last sentence. It has a really strong meaning. I hope that in the future we all can go along in harmony with the waves of nature.