07 May 2009

This Way Thurs-Way 7: Cycle Rickshaw

Thursday, May 07, 2009
Cycle Rickshaw

This is a photo of a cycle rickshaw or the so called becak here in Indonesia. I took it on purpose for This Way Thurs-way, but wanted to add another photo before publishing the post. Last week, I finally got my piece. The "No Becak" sign. Well, at least that's what I call it. Have a great day, everybody :)

Thank you for hosting this great meme, Jan and Pacey!

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13 appreciated note(s):

Anonymous said...

Looks slightly different from the trishaws found in SG. By the way, is the ride expensive there? It's slightly expensive here, which I guess that's why only tourist take rides on them for slow sightseeing :P

Thanks for the birthday wishes Rosidah!

Anonymous said...

Those use to be all over here in Waikiki. They were called pedicabs. Our city council outlawed them long time ago. To slow and messed up traffic as I recall. The sign is great and photos ate marvelous. Aloha my friend

Vicky said...

slow but " green". Great post and thanks for your effort, all these memes sure keep us very busy!
btw, the spelling over here is beca.:)

RA said...

@ Elaine: No, it's not expensive here. You're welcome :).

@ Thom: They are also outlawed at a lot of places here for the same reasons, but not everywhere. Aloha :)

Bryan said...

Ah ha, that's a wonderful sign...definitely not something you see in the United States.

Bim said...

Thanks for introducing me to a new sign - there are some becaks in my town now, so maybe we'll soon get the signs to go with them, too :)

Unknown said...

Ha! they are also similar to our pedicabs here or potpot in our vernacular. These are nice photos, and yeah they really shouldn't be allowed on highways which also is happening here, slowing motorists.

Arlene said...

Where's the horse? OUr rides like that here in my hometown is drawn by a horse and they are not allowed in main highways. They only travel from one market to another.

Nice entries!

RA said...

These cycle rickshaws here are operated by manpower.

Ebie said...

That's a nice rickshaw photo. I'd sweat a ton pulling my passengers. Nice post.

Inday said...

Mind you Rosidah, I think my photographic hobby will pay off. I would have never a clue that I can put them into use and share with people all over the world.

When you come to Australia, I will show you around the place. Only one thing I cannot offer, a home for complete hospitality as I live alone in a small place.

I simply love the pictures from that part of our continent that you are posting here.

Like that of Cylcle Rickshaw. Nice to show to the world our culture and the way of life we live.

Thank you Rosidah, you sound a very genuine person. I have no doubt because once I had a workmate from your country. And one of my ex-boss was Indonesian too imported from The Netherlands.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Amazing machine! I had no idea that there were so many different styles of rickshaws!

Mojo said...

There's a company that operates cycle rickshaws here in our downtown district. It's really more of a novelty at this point than anything else, but if they got the right kind of cooperation from the city they could really solve a lot more traffic problems than they create. Traffic in downtown moves so slowly already that the rickshaws are probably some of the quicker vehicles in the area!