05 May 2009

How To Insert A Link Into Your Comment

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Here are some simple steps on how to insert a link into your comment. Just copy the code below and change the link location and link name in the given html code with your own data. That's it!

<a href="link location">link name</a>

Further explanation:

I changed the link location with http://rosidah-abidin.blogspot.com/search/label/SimpleCode and the link name with SimpleCode. You can see the result in this first post comment.

Here is also a html code to include a line break to continue writing on the next line on my friend Bryan's request.

You can see the example in my second post comment. I have written two sentences in a row, but wanted them to show up in two lines. So, I wrote

Thank you for the kind reminder, Bryan.<br/>Best wishes :)

I hope these codes will be helpful for you. Please, do only insert links that are really related to the post in your comment. Appreciate the blog owner and you'll see that blogging can bring you a lot of wonderful harmonies. Thank you.

Be my guest to try out these html codes in my comment section to see what could be improved. I will be glad to give you some feedback, like the following:

1. Don't forget that you can change link name with your own words, for example SimpleCode like in my first comment.

2. You can insert reading signs or words between link html codes. I used the codes below to display my three blogs in the post comment section (only Music of My Life is an active link).

Visit my blogs:<br/><a href="http://rosidah-abidin.blogspot.com/">Music of My Life</a>, <a href="http://rosidah-abidin.blog.friendster.com/">Common Sense Ain't Common</a> and <a href="http://cookiesoflife.wordpress.com/">Cookies of Life</a>.

3. I love the idea of having a notepad to write down all important html codes for you. Thanks for the input, Thom.

Feel free to ask me, if you have some questions. I will try to help you, if I can. I hope this post was helpful and now you know How To Insert A Link Into Your Comment.

PS. Sorry, I have set this post to no comments due to constant spam. Thanks for the understanding.

27 appreciated note(s):

RA said...

I used SimpleCode to show you the html codes in this post.

Bryan said...

You may also want to mention to include a line break tag after the link code if the commenter wants to continue writing on the next line. I get a lot of messy comments with links...

RA said...

Thank you for the kind reminder, Bryan.
Best wishes :)

Anonymous said...

info yang menarik da boleh dikongsi bersama... thanks!

Marie Reed said...

I've been wondering how the heck to do that .. I'll try it now! link name

Inday said...

That is very informative Rosidah.

Thank you very much for taking your precious time to show us. I learn a lot about computing through networking. It started off by joining chat rooms.

The things I could hardly learn from my computing class, I got it quicker from kind and helpful people on the internet.

RA said...

It worked, Marie :)! You can change the link name with your own choice.

penny said...

Informative post, Rosadah. Its always nice to learn something new, Thanks!
Thank you for your visits and kind comments too... be happy:D

Unknown said...

Very informative, I was also wondering how to do it, hahahah...we learn so many things here. Good thing is, bloggers are really really willing to share. :)

Test: My Other Blogs
Mag Inato Ta!
When You Were SleepingSoul PacifierThis Way Thurs-WayHope I did it well, tell me!

RA said...

You did well, Pacey! You can place comas between every html code and don't forget the break tag to begin a new line.

RA said...

Example for inserting reading signs and words between link html codes.

Visit my blogs:
Music of My Life, Common Sense Ain't Common and Cookies of Life.

Unknown said...

Thanks very much , Rosidah. You're such a great help. Will try it sometime. Have been doing the basic stuff so far.

JonJon Rosaleen said...

Owh!!! So kind of you to share this! Really appreciate it... And I miss reading your posts sooooooo much!! Mmmuuahhhhhhh.... :)

liza said...

This is a very helpful article. Don't laugh but it was only recently that I learned to do this, hehe.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :) See yah.

Anonymous said...

Great info. Learning how to post with html is complicated to say the least. I use that all the time and I have a notepad file with all my codes that I just copy and paste into the post and/or comment so I don't have to type it all the time. Mahalo for sharing :)

RA said...

A notepad file for all these codes is a great idea!

Lin said...

Thanks, Rosidah, for being so informative. I had no idea how to do that! Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great week!
Lin's Blog

Vicky said...

Rosidah, I also want to try here.

My ABC Wednesday post is

I hope it works.

Vicky said...

Terima kasih, sayang!! muaaak...and hugs...
This morning, i just wanted to do something like this when I commented on ABC Wed but I was lost... here you are... Thank you for sharing, this is really what friends are for right?
have a wonderful day:)

Anya said...

Thank you Rosidah
Great informative post :)
I will try it ^____^

storyteller said...

I came to check out Today's Flowers but wanted to compliment you on this informative post. It took me MONTHS to piece this information together bit by bit when I started blogging. Methinks I'll check out the additional links at the end of your post to see if there's anything new to be learned from them ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

DeniseinVA said...

What a great post. Thank you so much for this very useful information.

Anonymous said...

thank you!

tobenna said...

Thanks for sharing.
Really helpful.

Inday said...

Dear Rosidah,

I am truly indebted to you. With much patience, I am slowly picking up my pace learning some of what you have shared here.

Please forgive me for I could not wait any longer in helping a friend, so I post about this link in my Random Dreaming Blog.

I pray you don't mind.

Hugs from Down Under.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this.Let me see if it works.
Karen's Art and Tango Blog

Unknown said...

Thank you for this! It was the easiest explanation I've come across. I was having such a hard time -- you're my new best friend:).