15 May 2009

Friday Shoot Out: Getting Around Without Cars

Friday, May 15, 2009
This week's assignment was by Science Girl in France:
As a die hard believer in public transportation, I'd like to see how you get around your town without a car. Bus, Bike, Hike, whatever it is, let us see! And if you've never gone without a car in your life, give it a test...

Okay, now let's roll out for the assignment. I will be starting off with my daily transportation. As much as I would like to be walking on foot. My daughter's school activities require us to be on a motorbike. There are a lot of school extracurricular, like swimming, badminton, girl scouting etc. that keep us on the road. It takes about less than 15 minutes to reach the places, except of course if you got stuck in traffic. Can you believe that this is still about 7 am? We have been out the house from 6.15 am.

Caught in traffic on the motorbike

The following bikes here are a lot more funnier and healthier alternative, don't you think. Too bad that we are living near a busy road, so most of the time my kids only take their rounds at our yard. I just took the photo for this post.

My kids on bikes

Cycle rickshaws have become a rare view in my town, because they have been restricted in many areas for causing traffic jam. But you can still see a lot of them as alternative transportation at my parent in laws area.

Cycle rickshaw as alternative transportation

These next transportation aren't exactly in my town. However, they belong to my kids favorite alternatives whenever we come across them. Well, who wouldn't love the Bug Mobile! Hop in and enjoy a trip around the Safari Garden Hotel & Restaurant. Oops, did I really mention this place again! I dunno why it's keep on coming up.

Come on to the bug mobile

This last transportation here must be a familiar sight for you. It's a duplicate from the original big one, and I know that it doesn't get you around anywhere. But my son sure loved to go round and round and round on it. Have a great weekend, everybody!

Going round and round on a train

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11 appreciated note(s):

Sarah Lulu said...

I had a ride on a cycle rickshaw in the 70's in Bali ....I would love to do that again!

Great photos.

aurbie said...

Excellent post. I love getting around on bikes and rickshaws. They call rickshaws something else in Bangladesh. I can't remember the term.

Love the way the kiddies get around. So cute.

Very colorful photos, and a nice insight to your part of the world. Hope to see you back next week.

Huzhar said...

Another interesting post Rosidah. Have a nice day..

penny said...

Rosidah, I like your post and photos. It is a very interesting subject.
Have a wonderful weekend

Unknown said...

Lots of cool ways to get around! :) We rode our bikes today. :)

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

Hi Rosidah! It was so neat seeing some of your transportation! Here in Florida in the US people rarely walk, bike or use public transportation. It's such a shame and such a waste! I think I would enjoy a motorbike! :-)

Gordon said...

I'll take the bug mobile, please. Everybody should have one. Great job!

Anonymous said...

What great modes of transportion. Your girls are so cute on their bikes. I so love that picture of the bug mobile and the last one is awesome...the joy on the kids faces :) can't beat it

J9 said...

Love the Rickshaw, and I think there should be more of these!

Anya said...

Hi Rosidah

Its always friendly and nice on your site :)
I like those Cycle rickshaws,
they are realy funny !!

You've been tagged by Kareltje!
For more details, please visit our blog :)

Have a great weekend
Kareltje & Anya

Suzanne Casamento said...

I want to ride on the bugmobile! Looks like you guys are using much healthier forms of transportation than we are in LA. Everybody drives here. Our mass transportation is terrible.

I used to live in Boston and the subway (T) is amazing there. We didn't have a car and any place we couldn't walk to, we took the T to. It was great.

Thanks for sharing! : )