05 May 2009

I've Been Tagged: Desktop Background Theme

Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Desktop Background Theme

Yesterday I got tagged by my friend
Soca Biru from Malaysia

The rules are simple:

1) Printscreen your desktop background theme.
2) Write the reason you use this theme.
3) Pass this tag on.

The image above shows you my desktop background theme from yesterday. I like to change the theme from time to time with my own photos. My family, flowers, the sky or whatever mood I am into. This is one of the afternoon skies from my balcony.

Now, about the third rule. I love doing tags and quizzes, but I'm not very good at tagging others. So like the usual, this is an open tag for anyone who would like to join the fun :).

8 appreciated note(s):

Jama said...

Wow! what an amazing shot! I'm also using photo of a sunset for my desktop,taken from flat.

Anonymous said...

salam kunjungan, desktop yg menarik... pemandangan yg diambil sendiri itu sgt mempesonakan... cantik!!!

JonJon Rosaleen said...

Mmmm... wanted to tag myself, but just don't know how to start after a long pause... :)
BTW, nice shot there! Never tried to capture something like this. Perhaps someday.. Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...love your desk top background. Excellent :)

Mescrap said...

Such an amazing picture !!! Beautiful shot.

Lin said...

That is a beautiful picture! I followed your link to copying your desktop, something else I learned today! Thanks, Rosidah!

Unknown said...

Beautiful background you have!

Pamposh Dhar said...

Great desktop. I change mine, too, from time to time, depending on what my life seems to need at a given time or simply what I want to see for the next while..
Hey, no Abc Wednesday for you this week? I missed you there. :(
Hope to see you at my own Quotable Thursday tomorrow! On Terataii (http://terataii.blogspot.com)